Thursday, July 24, 2008

a.p.c. fall

i'm in love again.

i'm about 95% positive i'll get the yellow peacoat. i love the grey flannel top, but i'm balking on the price ($225). as for the dress, the print is perfect, but i'm not sure about the bow. apc dresses have been fitting a bit strangely for the past few seasons. and yet, it looks terrific with the trench.

now i need to go sit in a corner and meditate on whether or not i need the black vanya dress by mayle (from fall 07/08, marked down to $312), which would be so perfect with tights and oxfords. the thing is, i could have bought the dress at bird last spring for $200, so maybe i should wait for it to show up on ebay again.

why are all the autumn collections so darn tempting?!?


Juliet Thompson said...

me too...annie hall meets librarian meets the good of the nineties meets hot granny shoes. Although, can i justify spending that much on those shoes, when i could find them at a thriftstore?

erica said...

the granny shoes are very very cute, but i would only contemplate paying that much for a pair of boots! you can definitely find a pair at a thriftstore. i'm just so happy that apc is back on track again.

jenny gordy said...

LOVE. the yellow peacoat. wish i could get that and the trench coat. i think the dresses are cute too, but am not sure about the fit either!

Moya said...

I would wait on the Vanya dress--$312 is an awful lot for a year old item that was in pretty wide production.. It will turn up on ebay, especially as it looks like we are now in a recession.

Incidentally, it looks a lot like an academic gown on. When I tried it on in Bird I was pretty shocked--there's just a lot of volume on the sleeves and I'm not sure it works. Just my thoughts, however.

erica said...

you're right, i should wait and see if it pops up on ebay. when i tried it on at bird, i thought the sleeves were about as much as i'd be willing to do. i can see how the dark color would make it look more like an academic gown than the pale leopard print versions, though.

i was also thinking of the nieves blouse at impulse, although they only have a size 6 left (it runs a little big). i doubt i'll find much left at mayle when we go to nyc in late july/early aug.

Jessie Cacciola said...

hi, just found your blog via cup of jo. i love these looks. :)

Moya said...

In case you are interested, Erica (and your readers :) there is a Mayle Oscalita dress on for $139. Alas, the biggest is a size 6 and when I tried the dress on in Mayle earlier this year, it ran small on the hips (a 10 was tight on me!).

erica said...

dang it all, everything i wanted is already sold out! i should have checked bird's site earlier this morning. oh well, i guess that means more money for other things!

thanks for the tip, though, moya. did you end up getting any other sale things?

Q_9 said...

thanks for posting the apc images. i really love the trench coat. have to start saving now... :-)

Moya said...

I got some jewelry. I went there just before 1 and it was insane. The store was packed but there wasn't much to buy. I spent just under $200 on jewelry though (still a lot left) and got a gold ring, two Isabelle Marant necklaces, the Wendy Mink earings that are up on the site with the amethyst drops and a pair of wooden hoops. I nearly got some Mayle pants but I had to squeeze myself into them and as they were still over $100 I thought I'd wait for the next sample sale.

Basically all they had were wide legged jeans, a few very small and oddly cut dresses (and the Oscalita which I can't squeeze into), the Mayle round hippy bag from this season (which I dislike but still considered until I came to my senses) and about 6 pairs of shoes. I doubt anything will be left by 5 p.m.

Also, the website is taking orders for items that actually sold out days ago.

erica said...

i love the jewelry there, and those earrings are such a steal. i suspected as much about the Oscalita. Those straight silhouettes are usually a bad idea for me no matter what.

too funny about the Mayle bag! i was also unexpectedly drawn to it, even though it really isn't my style at all.

times like these i really wish i lived in nyc. i guess there's a lyell sample sale this weekend, but there probably won't be much left.

Abby said...

Just a heads up - according to nylon, net-a-porter will start carrying an expanded line of APC this fall. Myself, I'm hoping crossed for a navy trench and am strangely drawn to the idea of a grey cape.

erica said...

you're definitely right about net-a-porter. apc is now included in their list of designers. hmmmm.

apc's trenchcoats are really nice, although they didn't fit me as well as i would have liked. i actually think that navy is a better color, although i'm such a sucker for the classic khaki. i hope you get at least one of things on your list.

Moya said...

While I'm going to it tomorrow, I suspect the Lyell sale won't be a true sample sale with dirt cheap prices like the $65 dollar dresses but a combination end of season sale with much higher prices and sample/vintage sale with the very few pieces that were left at the end of the last sale--I saw them as I couls only make it at the close of the last day. As that was only just over 4 months ago, I can't imagine there is going to be that much there.

The "up to 70%" off part suggests to me that new stock may not be so reduced. Still, I have my wishlist and a spending cap of $300 as it is cash only.

Moya said...

Yuck--sorry about my badly written comment. I should have edited that or read it before I posted.

erica said...

good luck at the sale, moya! cash only seems like a good policy in general these days, although it's nice to have the option of splurging. i hope you can find something worthwhile, especially since you're going on the first day.

Moya said...

Lyell was as expected. I got there at 11.30-11.45 and walked straight in (note the sale was billed as starting at noon). It actually opened at 10 for press and while one of their nice salesgirls said that much of the stuff hadn't sold, it looked picked over. She also said there wasn't much SS 08 to start with.

I got a Sara W. dress in red, much to my surprise and joy, for $150 (price points were a lot higher than previous sales). It is an 8, a tiny bit tight but I can move the buttons an inch so it should be fine.

No fall 08 samples visible--although I suspect they had already sold. Camisoles were around $100, tops (virtually none left) $125-190, dresses (again, very few of these) $150-375 for the beaded fairy dress for fall, although most were $150-200. Some of the stock had been around at the last 4-5 sales and looked tired. I saw none of the black silk and lace diamond tops and the only Sara W. top was in someone's hand.

I got there just in time though. When the public arrived, they started letting just a few people in at a time. I had no idea I was so early. As I left, there was a line of people with anxious faces standing outside--that so easily could have been me.

So, it wasn't that good but in a way I'm relieved as it meeans I didn't spend a ton and now I might even be able to get one more pair of Chie Mihara sandals on final markdown.

Certainly, it was not worth coming into NYC for Erica.

erica said...

i'm so jealous that you managed to get a sara w. dress! that was the only piece i really coveted from the SS08 collection.

it's too bad about the sale in general, but i'm glad that you might be able to get another pair of Chie Miharas.

i'm starting to feel like i'm too late for the summer sales. if we go to nyc next weekend, there might not be much left. i can't believe it's almost August, i have so much more writing left to do before teaching starts up again. how's your research going?

Moya said...

I loved the Sara W dress too. It actually fits perfectly (I'm wearing it now) and was the only piece I coveted from this collection. I tried on the Diamond Lace blouse at Barneys and loved it, but none at the sale.

I didn't expect to get it. I'd been told that the black had sold out and that they were making more in red, so I was stunned to get a red one in the sale. I'm happy because I left with $200 that I didn't spend.

The sales here haven't been great. I got a romper in Mayle, some Chie Miharas at Saks and Sara W. Otherwise I found nothing. I've even bought stuff online--green Chie Mihara sandals from Anthropologie's sale, a cardigan from Inhabit's sale, and even two cotton European Collection dresses from (yet to arrive). It's really been pretty pathetic here but it is just as well as I have work to do.

I'm finishing a chapter I started this summer--it's currently 76 pages and needs cutting. I have one more to write before I go back, then its finish editing all the chapters down and send it back to University of California Press. Somehow I kid myself I can do this before October 1. And I daren't even look to see when school starts again. I'm on a quick writing break now before I go back to finish my introduction (I did the conclusion last night).

How is your writing going? At least you had a great vacation and should be relaxed enough to get some good work done in August.

Jeanette said...

Sorry to interupt, is the Mayle store still on sale for spring 08? I keep thinking about the Adela dress in Black.

I find there are more sales items this season compare to end of last year, I got a couple of great items from shopbop's 70% off designer boutique sale. Eluxury have some great stuff that are 50-70% off, and then a further 25% off.

Moya said...

The Mayle sale is still on--did you get Violetta, Jeanette? They didn't have much left but I think they had Adela in black last time I looked.

The stores here have cut back on stock and the sales are generally thin (like Mayle, who hadn't got as much stock on sale as the last few seasons). I got stuff online and that never happens. I'm an 8 or a 10 even as I'm so tall and have broad shoulders and I'm not finding bargains in the clothes I like in those sizes. Jake only has tiny things! And the Mayle at eluxury is only 50% off--or less.

erica said...

it's great that you're having such a productive summer! unfortunately i've frittered much of my time working on compiling illustrations for my adviser's new book. it helps pay the bills, but tracking down these images is mentally draining for some reason. i'm finally getting into the swing of things, primarily because the clock is really ticking.

i am debating whether or not to buy the Lilly dress from Hejfina ($283). i wish it weren't white because i won't be able to wear it very often, but at the same time, it would make a very nice holiday party dress....there's also the nieves blouse in black at impulse $220).

i'm going to try on the apc bow dress today, and hopefully the yellow peacoat will arrive soon at stels. we're going to portland on sunday to check out some oxfords at Black Parrot.

Moya said...

I'm thinking about the Lilly from Hejfina in size 10 but still, again, concerned about the color--especially with two cats (a long haired tortie and a short haired blue). It's a silk that attracts some fur, and I'm also prone to coffee spills. I love it though. It is sold out at the boutique--I'd planned to buy it at 60% off but my plan was thwarted!

I wish the Mayle was marked down more at eluxury--they have a lot, but it is only about 30% off and, with the extra 25% off, that's still way under 50%.

Lyell got some more sale stock in today but I can't face the trek. I have to write. I'm starting a new chapter to start today (patching together some conference papers and a version of the chapter I started three summers ago) and going into Manhattan seems like too much. I love the diamond blouse but maybe as I got a Sara W it's best to let some of the disappointed fans get a chance on the new shipment.

Good luck with your Portland trip--I presume it's Maine not Oregon this time? I hope you can get some writing done. Seriously, I can't do a thing until the afternoon but it is always worth starting as I generally get surprised by the amount I accomplish. Find your time and even if you only put in two hours, it really adds up.

erica said...

thanks for the words of encouragement. i try to put in a few hours a day, but most of my time is spent looking for new sources or day dreaming about dresses when i should be forcing myself to write. it's getting easier to concentrate nowadays, thankfully. could it be my dwindling bank account?:)

good point about the cat hair on the Lilly. i love my kitties, but they shed way too much. i've been considering buying a furminator, but i'm not sure it'll really work.

anyway, good luck piecing together your next chapter! it's amazing how you can always go back and work with what you already have.

Moya said...

My friend Jane swears by the furminator! I have a zoom groom which is great, but it often overstimulates the cats and if you don't pay attention you get a bite or a swipe.

The new chapter is over 170 pages of notes. I have to cut out some of the pointless shot breakdowns from films so I can start working with something more reasonable.

Seriously, just write. I sit on my bed with my kitties--or at least with Peeps--and then I just go. It can take hours to get in the right frame of mind, but you'll be surprised how fast the time goes and how much you can get done each day if you give yourself a nook, some privacy and get yourself into the correct frame of mind.

I often have to tell myself to stop researching. I've actually found that I have way too much--the secret to finishing and maintaining a coherent argument is to not over-research. Seriously. I'm the Queen of 80 page chapters that are almost books in their own right. Just signal the areas you aren't going to cover in your writing so your readers don't ask you why you didn't cover X.

Jeanette said...

I had been working 12 hours days lately, and it had been too much effort to get up in the middle of the night to call Mayle because of the time difference, but I finally made the effort this morning, and was suprised that the Violetta dress was still available in both S and M for $231,the Adela dress had sold out but never mind.

Goodluck with your writing ladies, the Sara W dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially in red, its probably the only Lyell piece worth buying from the collection.

I wouldn't buy any Mayle from Eluxury yet until everything gets reduced to 50% and then an extra 25% on top. There is nothing from Mayle winter 08 that I really want,maybe the Hilarie Dress when its reduced.

erica said...


yikes, i hope you get to have a vacation soon! were you looking for the adela dress in white? i found a new listing on ebay for $99 in a 2. i seem to remember you ordering it in white, or was it black? or were you holding out for the sales?

$231 for the Violetta is not bad at all. I'm definitely waiting to see how the reductions go at Eluxury.

Jeanette said...

Hi Erica,

I was looking for it in black, but I guess I will wait, they will always turn up in ebay sooner or later. Have you checked out Totokaelo lately, they are having a 70% off sale, only a couple of Mayle items left though, including the Mayle Adela, Mia and some singlets and tops, but the price is defnitely great.

I got those Isabel Marant Owen Wedge for about $170, a leather jacket for $180, comm des garcons shirt for $67 and Willow Safari dress for $127.

Juliet Thompson said...

did you ever try on the a.p.c. things? namely, the dress; i am oh so curious to know about the fit.

erica said...

I love those Isabel Marant Wedges, but of course they sold out of my size quickly on. I was considering the Nieves blouse, but when I got the 70% off email, it had already sold out. Oh well!

I tried on the a.p.c. dress and though that the fit was only so-so. The shoulders are pretty narrow, which I really liked, but I found that the dress plus the lining and pockets made it feel bulky considering it's made out of cotton.

I'm waiting for the peacoat to arrive at the shop, but I hope it works out better for me.

Anonymous said...