Friday, June 27, 2008

a.p.c. madras, his shirt

so, apparently you're not supposed to put this shirt in the dryer. it shrank just enough that it's too tight in the shoulders for matthew.

i guess it's mine now.

a.p.c. madras shirt for him
saint grace tank top
theory black denim miniskirt


d.goligorsky said...

Come on, that was your plan the whole time.

S said...

looks lovely on you!

Babelfish said...

Heehee, was it intentional? looks lovely on you.

Stephanie said...

looks perfect. what a lucky mishap!

breathing said...

The same thing happened to my boyfriend's favorite APC polo, it's mine now! Kind of bittersweet but I won't complain! Your shirt looks perfect on you!

AM said...

I have this shirt, too, and I love it. (I'll remember not to put it in the dryer.) But yesterday, I saw a picture of the Jonas Brothers and one of them was wearing it. Is it wrong that I love it just a wee bit less now? How dare some Disney lackey be wearing something from APC! I'm so past the age of the target demographic for them that I really shouldn't care. :-)

I love it tucked into the miniskirt.

jenny gordy said...

super cute, erica!

thetinylittlegirl said...

nice score! has the boy got anything else you can "accidentally" put in the dryer?

Jessica said...

looks awesome..nice snag!

erica said...

considering i bought it for him, i don't feel 'too' bad about taking it back! i bought him another apc shirt, so we're calling it good.

hmm, jonas brothers? i don't know who these people are, but if they're anything like the other disney groups, blech....

psc0005 said...

Just found your blog through Lisa / Le Bouton. Love it! I like your Earnest Sewn jeans, but there are so many different styles of "Keaton." Which one is yours? I want one that is baggier -- I am tired of tight stuff. Thanks!

Moya said...

Hey Erica--the Mayle 60% off sale is now on (started today). Things are going fast, but if you are interested the store is taking orders over the phone.

I just got one thing--the black romper. I wanted the Camille top you posted earlier but even on sale it was $208 plus tax and they only had size 10s left and it was just too baggy on me--dare I say it, it looked very 1990s.

I did get the new Fall 08 lookbook--lots of pants, lots of black, some nice dresses but I have to say, lovely as so much of it is, I didn't have that immediate desire to buy it all that I have had in past seasons.

Also, Lyell is 50% off but the Sara W dress I wanted has sold out and is being remade so I guess that won't be reduced. Very little left there either, even though I think much of it I could live without (I do love my green dresss though).

erica said...

thanks for the shop update. drats, i don't remember seeing much at mayle that i wanted two weeks ago, i'll have to brainstorm and see whether it's worth calling them.

i'll see if lyell has the cardigan that i wanted, though. argh! so difficult to make split decisions!

i'm not sure which 'keatons' i have, except they're about 1.5 yrs old now and not super baggy. i would say they're the standard bootcut. there's another cut called 'orion boyfriend' that looks baggier.

alysha said...

I actually have the womens version in that shirt and I really think I like yours better. nice job!
mine is actually really to wide, do you think it would shrink to fit me if I washed it? haven't done so yet.

Jeanette said...

Hi Moya,

Was there any Violetta left? I emailed the store, but they haven't got back to me.

Joanna Goddard said...

you look amazing in it! :)

erica-knits said...

That shirt looks great on you, Erica! Shrinking the shirt seemed to have worked very well in your favor!!

Moya said...

Hi Jeanette,

They have Violetta on sale in black and ivory. I didn't see anyone looking at them when I was in the store but I did think of you (the detail in the ivory is really pretty). They should open in about 40 minutes so I'd try and call them again. Good luck!

erica said...

I don't know if washing it will shrink it enough width-wise for you. The shirt is actually huge on me, but with some clever tucking, it works out ok.

jeanette and moya-
I completely forgot about the Violetta. Darn my cats, otherwise I'd be all over it!

What do you all think of the Fall collection?

Moya said...

I actually like it more and more. I love some of the proportions (the shrunken look) and I particularly like the slim coat with cropped sleeves. I wish there was more variety in color, however. I'm also pleased that the prices are more moderate. Although far from cheap, she seems to have reduced prices by about 10% from fall 07 and summer 08.

I agree about Violetta--I looked at the ivory one but realized Peeps and Blue would destroy it. But that's why we love them, right!

Moya said...

What do you think of Fall, Erica?

erica said...

I really like the coats and jackets (no surprise, here!), but am not sold on the houndstooth print yet. I love the Kaiya top, and I think that yellow hue is fantastic. I love the bolder colorways of her fall collections. I think I'll have to see the prints in person, though. The Eniko dress in ivory paradiso is really intriguing. I hope it makes it into production so I can check it out.

Louis Boston is starting its sale tomorrow, but of course I have a doctor's appointment and won't be able to wait in line early in the morning. I was hoping to buy a Mayle piece this summer, maybe I'll have better luck online. There are some pretty decent deals to be had.

Moya said...

I hate houndstooth myself, so I was disappointed to see her use the print. I love the bold colors too, but again wish she'd used more--even if it was so I could select more accent pieces myself.

The Eniko dress is great--I wish there had been more definition in the photos so I could see it more clearly (I feel the same about all the black pieces--the photography just doesn't register their details). I've seen a couple of the dresses and tops in Barneys and they look nice, although none of them were my top choices (the camisoles and the houndstooth aren't things I'd need or buy).

Good luck at the doctors--I do hope you can get a Mayle piece. I'd try calling the store if there is something you want. I can also try to remember what had sold out (Mariposa, Camilia, Mia for sure; Josephina runs small and I think they have all sizes up to 8).

How is the diss going? I have to get back to writing as I have a chapter and a review to finish this week, not to mention some interlibrary loans that I have to finish and return.

Cate said...

Hi, so this is probably slightly random but I just wanted to say that if you're ever interested in selling your pink striped demylee sweater i am very interested - i'm looking and looking but to no avail. Anyway, just thought i'd mention it. your blog is fun.
- Brittany
vintagestory_darling at yahoo dot com

xAx said...

I totally love that shirt been thinking about getting it for a while, thats if i can find it!!!!

Stephanie said...

this exact same thing happened to me the other week! i am a proud owner of a hand-me-down white button-up.

melly said...

i came via wiksten today, i have to say i love those philip lim birks. also, that you have a super blog :]

Ana Laura Perez said...

I miss your posts!

Anonymous said...