Tuesday, November 18, 2008

bundling up

1. new le bouton studio broad shirt
2. jcrew cardigan
3. opening ceremony coat

The first cold day of the season (high of 40 degrees), so now begins the tricky task of dressing for the freezing outdoors and stuffy interiors. even this coat will have to be bypassed for warmer (full-sleeved) parkas in a month or so....

Update: the broad shirt is still available, but no longer in the striped grey and white silk fabric featured on Lisa's site. anyway, it's much more fun to pick out your own fabric from all the lovely swatches that she'll send you!


V said...
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V said...

Hi, love the broadcloth shirt! I go through these so quickly (I like wearing them a bit large and with the sleeves a bit rolled up, just like you) that I just get inexpensive ones, usually by JCrew or something and usually at a throwaway price.

But I'm really leaving this comment to egg on the incredible Opening Ceremony flare coat! I know they have these every season in different variations, but I want a thin-ish one (I live in Southern California) and in a traditional, non-novelty solid color... no such luck so far. Yours looks about right, but I wish it were even less thick!

evencleveland said...

I. love. this.

And you got the Le Bouton shirt? I have been thinking of ordering that. It looks just about perfect to me.

pigeon.toed said...

i am loving your layered ensemble!

the boots just top it off!

do you mind sharing where you got the boots?

evencleveland said...

Aw, snap. Sold out.

Really, I need to stop delaying gratification, even if it is generally better for my fiscal health.

Stephanie said...

Yay the Opening Ceremony coat!! Looks great on you :)

Lena said...

the shirt looks great on you!
how did i not know about le bouton??

erica said...

i think last year OC offered this coat in a twill canvas, and maybe a lighter weight wool. you might want to call them (LA or NYC store) to see whether they're going to do something similar in the spring...

i'm hoping to stock up on oversized buttondowns at goodwill soon, but i do love the little rounded collar and fit of the lebouton shirt.

the boots are frye paige. i think they still sell them online. they fit true to size and are really comfortable once you break them in.

stephanie cleveland-
i hemmed and hawed about the shirt, too, but after talking to lisa, it seemed like it would be my best option for this season.

stephanie grey-
the fabric is so great, it's like the short bristly (yet soft) coat of a little bear. the collar is fantastic for bracing winds.

lisa dorr is wonderful! she sent me tons of fabric swatches for the shirt, it's a pity she isn't making more of them.

MWM said...

you have the best wardrobe!
and look how cute you look with your tiny belly starting to show:)
I love the OC coat. and the boots.
are they the frye riding boot? How is the fit?
I'm thinking about getting those or the tall paige one that folds down w/ the buckle...

Moya said...

I love this outfit--and love the way you layered it and pieced it together. Each look is great.

Biscuit said...

I adore this! Perfect for braving the Boston weather. Do you live in Cambridge or Boston? I used to live in Inman Square-- I miss Punjabi Dhaba!

Le Bouton said...

thank you, erica! the shirt looks great on you, and i hope you are comfortable in it, and enjoy it for years, and years.
best to you!

Joanna Goddard said...

i'm obsessed with your coat! you are too cute, erica :)

Moya said...

Hey Erica,

I just got back from Mayle. They have sold out of Thea in Putty as well as all Theodoras. I really don't anticipate they will reduce anything from Fall more than 40% as they have already sold out in many styles. I think eluxury is the best bet for reductions on holiday. Having seen the photos from resort, I may even buy one dress full price--they are that good.

erica said...

the boots run true-to-size, and are so great for winter. adding a protective rubber sole really helps.

i live in cambridge, and punjabi dhaba is our favorite place for indian. we're going to miss it when we move in a few years.

thanks for all your help with the shirt, i really think i'll be wearing it for many years to come!

thanks! i love the coat so much, it was worth all the bother of tracking it down.

i am so jealous that you saw photos of the resort collection. i think i'm going to have to carefully track the Thea in putty online. i agree that the black doesn't show its details very well.

i'm not sure i'll be buying much of anything in paris, and it sounds like i better buy what i want from mayle rather than hoping for further markdowns (except maybe online...).

miss sophie said...

love the le bouton broad shirt. i'm thinking of getting one myself, if they still have it in stock.

hooray for fall! my favorite time of year for all the layering possibilties :)

i was in cambridge a month ago for a friend's wedding - lucky you to be surrounded by such lush and gorgeous foliage!

lisa @ luxe said...

that o.c coat is amazing!!!
xoxo from las vegas