Tuesday, December 23, 2008

new items in laws of general economy blog

lots of lovely new things posted in the clothing blog. since most of them were quite expensive, i am asking for more than the shipping costs alone (but no more than 10-20% of what i originally paid). i am feeling super guilty about how much money i've spent over the years on clothing. the economy stinks and we're all feeling the bank account pinch. i'm sure we all have clothing in our closets that we don't wear but hate the idea of 'losing' money on in ebay. my solution is to meditate for a long time on why i bought the item, why it hasn't worked out for me, and then try to let go of the annoyance about how much money i spent on it. if someone else can love and wear it, then that makes me feel a little better. these new pieces of clothing are things that i could probably sell on ebay, but for insultingly low prices. therefore, i'm posting them on the blog first. if there are no takers, maybe i'll meditate a while longer before deciding whether or not ebay should take a cut of the 'profits.' if anyone else wants to join in on the fun (i.e. clearing out the closet), email me...

two blogs inspiring me to do better:
stephanie and her amazing imaginary outfits. why buy when you can make believe?
editor and her disciplined and thoughtful approach to structuring a wardrobe.


Jennifer said...

oh, hey, wow, you mentioned me. that was a nice surprise. i have one foot out the door heading to the airport, but i hate missing out on my favorite blogs even for a few hours (i'm a junky). i can totally relate to this. i am going back and forth about a handful of things in my closet too and it's the exact same thing, feeling bad, seeing the inherent value to the items, but not having personal value for them. will explore options when i get back.
how do you calculate shipping?

erica said...

shipping is usually calculated by weight, USPS priority mail, so i ballpark the figures. a lightweight, non-bulky top, skirt, etc. will usually cost around $6-8 with delivery confirmation, something bulkier is around $10-12. i tack on a dollar or two for the bother of going to the post office (never pleasant, in my experience). for items that i spent a lot of money on but never really wore, i add 10-20% of the amount i spent (i.e., not its retail price) so i don't feel too miserable about myself. the total amount is usually quite a bit less than i would have made on ebay (those pesky seller fees), and hopefully whoever ends up with the item will really love it. also, because i hate the frenzy (or lack thereof) of auctions and the stress of first come, first serve, i've structured it more like a giveaway with a random name draw. it's an interesting experiment, at any rate.

hope your travels are safe!

leanne said...


Thanks for posting the clothing for all of us AND for organizing the amazing clothing giveaway blog. I'm still going through the attachment phase myself. Have a terrific trip to Paris!
btw - have you seen Lisa's new collection (lebouton)?


erica said...

oh that sneaky lisa, i didn't realize she had added so many new pieces to her catalog!

'attachment phase' sounds exactly right! it usually takes me at least a year, if not two or three, to let go. i find that it helps if i pack the clothing away. if i keep thinking about it, then i bring it back out and devise new ways of wearing it. but often the out of sight, out of mind attitude takes over. two years later, it's either in a donation bin, or on ebay.

i hope your holidays are lovely, leanne!

evencleveland said...

Thanks ... but I have to say, I love your real outfits as much as anything I can dream up!

I am continually trying to pare down the amount of what I buy, and trying to make my actual purchases more significant ... it's tough. You run the risk of spending big on something that doesn't work out, but it's so much more rewarding to have everything in your possession be beautiful and adored, I think.

I adore that Mociun dress but I am sure it would be too small. Sigh.

Kennedy said...

oh i love love love that white shirt, where on earth did you find such a thing?

erica said...

i bought the white shirt at barneys a while back but am now clearing it out of my closet: