Wednesday, December 24, 2008

packing for paris

pipsqueak chapeau linen dress
tse say wool cardigan
mm6 leggings

mm6 dress
jcrew sweater
thigh-high legwarmers

dries van noten top
theory wool cardigan
apc wool skirt
leg warmers

mayle galina wool jacket


barbour bedale jacket in sage with warm lining
virginia johnson camel wool shawl

so it's going to be about as cold in paris as it is here in new england. i've been sifting through my closet, trying to figure out what will be both comfortable and warm. i'm also packing my new jeans and my frye boots. i'm not sure my mayle jacket will be warm enough, but i'll bring it just in case. i'm thinking layers are my best option, but if it's really cold, i'll probably just wear my jeans, a cardigan, and leggings as long underwear. not very stylish, but oh well.


leanne said...

Your outfits are great (and now you have an excuse to buy something). Sometimes I accidentally forget to pack something. Thank you for posting and sharing with us. I'm still a bit green over your wool apc skirt. Safe travels.

Lena said...

you look so cute! i love the outfits. bon voyage!

Joanna Goddard said...

you are too cute! these are adorable. i love your baby bump!!!1

Stephanie said...

Your outfits look great! That mayle coat and barbour jacket are my favorites. Can't wait to see pictures! You will have a marvelous time I'm sure! :) Happy holidays! xo

evencleveland said...

I wish you could come over to my house and make outfits for me.

These are adorable.

Chelsea said...

I love love love all of these outfits!!!

Anonymous said...

so great. how many days are you there for?

Claire said...

bon voyage! I left a few shopping tips in the comments under your comment. hope you and the bump have a lovely time...C

erin said...

ooh I love your Virginia Johnson shawl! I was just in her shop hoping for some Boxing Day deals but rats, none of the scarves are on sale.
Hope you're having an awesome trip!

Alyssa said...

hi, I have a question- I'm about to buy a APC coat, and the only size available is a M... You seem to know quite a bit about APC, how would you say a M fits like? I wear a 2-4 in j.crew and eh, if you know anything about H&M fittings, I wear a 6-8 in H&M... if anyone could answer this I would be forever grateful. Thanks!

G. said...

i love that your cat looks like he's (she?) doing the same pose as you in this photo

Kennedy said...

you are so adorable! i love all of these outfits, every last one.

melissa said...

hey there, just came across your blog. i'm 21 weeks pregnant and totally inspired by your pregnancy style. i thought i had to forget about most of my closet for the next many months, but you've shown me how work it with the bump -- without being at the mercy of bland maternity clothes. your blog is great, thanks for sharing.

erica said...

congrats on being halfway there!

so far i've purchased 5 things specifically for the pregnancy:
skinny belt
maternity jeans
bella band
two maternity tops (ruched)

many of my tops were long enough to last me til now (33 weeks), but at this point i might have to go to target and buy 1-2 extra long camisoles for layering because it's so cold. even my jcrew tanks are reaching their limit, and i still have 4-8 weeks to go!

good luck with the next 20 weeks!