Wednesday, December 17, 2008

running out of options

clu shirt dress
ingrid and isabel leggings
rachel comey belt

the belt is a little too tight, so i'm not sure i'll be able to wear it for much longer. maybe something from jcrew is in order. the dress is short in front to begin with, so soon it will be scandalously short. the leggings are the only thing i feel comfortable wearing nowadays. i broke down last night and ordered a pair of maternity jeans, (GOOGLE15 for 15%). and just this morning i realized that i could drive up to portsmouth and try them on in order to avoid exchanging them by mail if they don't fit.

i've had a good run these past 30 weeks, but now i'm starting to feel the wardrobe pinch. at least i'm done with teaching so i no longer need to look super presentable, but it's depressing to think that even my t-shirts aren't long enough anymore.


nanashi said...

Hi Erica,

You still look very cute in the clu shirt dress, but the adjustment must be difficult---have you thought about wrap dresses? I recall my aunt telling me kimono (which sort of is a wrap dress) is a great wardrobe because regardless of body shape it can always conform to the wearer with the adjustment of the obi wrap. I'm going back to Tokyo this winter and am going vintage kimono hunting to see if there's anything I can mix in. I think the wrap dress might also be versatile in that sense.

Enjoy the trip in Paris!

pigeon.toed said...

You look too cute!!!!!

From the front, you can't even tell you've got that bump!

evencleveland said...

Your 30-week run has been beyond impressive - it's been totally inspiring.

evencleveland said...

And I am glad that you bought the jeans!

SASHA said...

you look fantastic in this. i feel like the belt and dress were made for the pregnant body. (or at least you make it look that way).

Ten Thousand Only said...

you're looking super adorable, dear.

Le Bouton said...

the dress is great, and your profile!!! so cool!

Michelle said...

How cute are you!!!!!

thhisisreal said...

Just a suggestion... J Brand has some fantastic maternity denim.


mrsYTC said...

i'm currently 31 weeks pregnant & i know EXACTLY how u feel :)

stretchy pants & sweats, though comfy does nothing to make a gal feel dressed.

i've resorted to legging purchases--they have crazy prints that i pair with their super inexpensive basic tees, which are long enough to cover my bump.

i also splurged on a great pair of paige maternity jeans, which i've worn practically every day with long forever21 tees.

in this home stretch, hold steady. don't let your hormones get the best of you with pricey purchases that u'll regret buying later!

this is my 3rd & i've learned that by this pt...u should look ahead to tummy shaping undies (to get that belly back into place after your birth!), good nursing bras, and comfy shirts that will allow for easy breastfeeding, if you're so inclined. i like long tank tops that have a supportive shelf--good for holding nursing pads, easy access for nursing, & also great for hiding belly, instead of lifting your whole top up.

hope this info was helpful!

Not your goddess said...

you look great in that outfit! i'm 34 weeks now and practically live in my leggings and jersey dresses. the best buy i made though, was a pair of maternity skinny jeans from Zara. I got them already at about 16 weeks, when i was just starting to show, and they've been so great! you'll be glad you got them (hope they're a nice fit).

tunabake said...

I can completely understand, I am 38 weeks and have been living in the same black maternity trousers, a couple of t-shirts and various cardigans for the last 2 months. I have been looking around the shops for future dress purchases, I never want to see a pair of black trousers will all be worth it in the end. Good luck and thank you for a wonderful blog. Claire.

Anonymous said...

this outfit is so great. i was so excited when you got the belt, i'm glad it has served you (up to now).

erica said...

i just bought another belt that is more comfortable, but i can't wait to go back to the rachel comey one in the spring.

i wish i were still living in california where leggings and tunics would suffice for maternity wear. now that it's super cold, i feel like i can't avoid looking bulky while out and about. the paige maternity jeans are ok, not amazing, but so much better than the bella band.

i can't wait to stay inside for jan. and feb. instead of trekking to school every day in the snow and rain.