Monday, August 03, 2009

keeping it simple

a few months ago a friend of mine was wearing this top from madewell. i didn't realize they had opened a store on newbury st. when we were in nyc at the end of june, we hung out with jenny, who was wearing a cute tunic dress from madewell. i chided myself for not going into boston to check out the store. finally yesterday i went and found this white top on sale for $20, plus 40% off for a grand total of $6.99.

i think i should go back and buy a few more.


anabela / fieldguided said...

Amazing deal. It looks perfect for warm days!

leanne said...

I love!

Jennifer said...

Yep. Madewell has good sales.
The blouse looks cute on you. $6.99!
I already sang the praises of their jeans under Jenny's black jean search (I think I even have the same tunic dress as Jenny- chambray/ lt. wt. denim, pockets, convertible sleeves,smocking at the front- such a great all- season piece).
Love their stuff. Especially on sale!
(Oh, and thanks for the churidar referral...I think I'm going to get them!)

erica said...

glad to hear you're thinking of getting the churidars! i'm all set with my park vogel leggings for now.

i love that tunic dress. of course they were all gone by the time i made it to a store. i'm enjoying my current elliott boyfriends, but one of these days i'll try out their denim.

Unknown said...

oh kill me! i love sale stories like that...;))

L said...

drat, I should have waited! worth it, though... I would wear the top everyday if I could.

Joanna Goddard said...

so cute! it looks so breezy and perfect for summer.

A girl said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawww i love this top!