Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the un-diaper bag + revised shopping list for fall

so i ordered this not rational hansel diaper bag.

i was considering a tote bag from dwell studio, but i really wanted more outside pockets. kate spade also has a cute tote bag with handy outside pockets, but the price tag is a bit too high for just nylon--plus, i don't think it attaches to strollers.

i still think that this market tote would make an excellent diaper bag. not only is it the cheapest, but you could definitely use it afterward.

i'm not really a bag person, but i wanted to get myself something nice. i've noticed that since leon arrived, i've had a hard time buying myself things. it's like 3 for him, 1 for me...

i am, however, keeping an eye out for the jeffrey monteiro peacoat. so far, i've seen it at metier, bird, and totokaelo (whoops, looks like it sold out). perhaps we should keep a running list of stockists?

my revised shopping list:
mociun dress in sticks and stones print
apc petit standards
rachel comey familiar metal dress in moss green (available at stels)
steven alan gathered sweater in oatmeal and burnt orange

of course, if i happen to be at the steven alan outpost, i'm sure i'll throw caution to the wind and buy as many button-down shirts as will fit me.


leanne said...

love the diaper bag! i am going to have to keep that in mind ........

codename: tiny said...

The Monteiro coat is also available at Stuart & Wright in Brooklyn--in fact, it's currently on display in the window.

Moya said...

It's also in Barneys in both colorways. It's lovely but quite lightweight so I suspect it will go on sale.

erica said...

thanks for the heads up, i'll have to add s&w to my list.

i think it'll go on sale, too. i bought mine over half off through a sample sale. i'm glad to hear that it's lightweight, since it'll be quite heavy with all of leon's things.

i'm hoping this bag will be useful for years to come. i just couldn't bear to spend $60-180 on a regular diaper bag.

Unknown said...

oh great diaper bag!!! (only the best for leon!)...
and i am sending you great postive shopping energy re: your list...;))

miss sophie said...

that is a chic chic diaper bag. looks like it's versatile enough that you can actually use it as a 'regular' bag as well! so great that there are labels out there that design with style and functionality in mind, without immediately resorting to kitschy nylon and loud prints when the bag has a specific 'function'...

and you can never have too many steven alan buttondonwis :)

Eunice said...

Stuart and Wright and Plain Clothes in Birrmingham (you can easily email/phone them) have the Monteiro coat. I think Barneys has them in grey, I prefer the black though.

jenny gordy said...

that's a great diaper bag that you bought! doesn't even look like a diaper bag.

i love hearing what you're buying for fall. i've pretty much bought all my fall stuff already. i'm dying for button downs and a plaid coat from steven alan though.

i tried on that mociun dress in sticks and stones the other day, and it's perfect. so pretty. i'm hoping to buy it on sale at lena's holiday sale. i got the tie-front blue and orange tulip dress already though. the fabric is gorgeous, wonderful drape that really works for that shape.

erica said...

i LOVE that blue and orange Mociun dress. I wish I could see it in person.

I hope I can make it to NYC for Lena's sale.

I'm holding out for the sales, for the most part. Matthew is looking for a job now, so I don't want to spend too much money until we know what our finances are going to be like.