Monday, February 01, 2010

skinny jean hunt. pt. 1

leon and i went to the natick mall with a friend to try on skinny jeans. i bought a pair, but now i'm second guessing myself. fie, skinny jeans!

n.b. you'll have to excuse the terrible dressing room photos. i haven't quite gotten the hang of it. poor leon was very very patient. also, i've realized that these jeans look pretty much identical in my photographs, and yet they seemed to be very different in real life.

first stop: anthropologie

james jeans, twiggy denim legging, $114, black cat wash. size 29.
i tried these on in a 29, the only size they had. loved how stretchy they were, but still substantial unlike most denim leggings. probably about 2 sizes too big, the rise is 8", but they didn't feel too low. i might try to find a different size on my next outing.

j brand olympia denim legging, $138. size 27.
super stretchy, a much lighter weight denim than the james twiggys. similar to the current/elliott denim leggings. i really disliked the blue wash, it just didn't look right in legging form. the black was much nicer, but they were too skinny around the leg opening. i felt like a carrot in them. i have a pair of lululemon wunder under leggings that i live in, so i don't think i'm in the market for denim leggings. or 'jeggings,' as i saw once online. shudder.

second stop: madewell

madewell rail straight, black frost wash, $99(?). size 27
i like the denim a lot, it's softer than the skinny skinny, but i encountered the same problem that i have with jcrew denim--the fabric puckers and folds right above the knee. it's just a fit issue, and either they work with your body or they don't. it's a pity, madewell's prices are pretty reasonable.

madewell, skinny skinny, black wash, $69.50. size 27.
these also puckered above the knee and yet were super tight and fitted at the waist and calves. i thought the leg opening wasn't too bad, although i would probably roll them up most of the time. i didn't think the denim felt as nice as the rail straights. it felt light, stiff, and flat. hard to explain, but it's like wine or cheese, i want more subtlety/complexity with my denim. definitely a great basic pair of jeans if they fit you well.

third stop: neiman marcus

current/elliott, the skinny jean, night wash, $72 (on sale from $208). size 26.
(note: this is a photo of the 27s. i got discombobulated and didn't take a decent photo of the properly fitting pair.)
i tried these on a few months ago in a 27 and found them to be unflattering in the thighs and seat. apparently i'm a 26, because this pair looked much much better on. tight and fitted all the way until mid-calf, and then just wide enough to prevent the dreaded spinning-top effect. i love the denim fabric that current/elliott uses. it's nearly as soft and wonderful as R13 denim. for only $72, i couldn't resist.

but now, having tried them on again at home, i'm worried that the rise is too low. i have visions of constantly hiking them up, so i may consider returning them.

i think i'll go downtown to barneys on thursday to try on acne, earnest sewn, and more j brand.

any thoughts on acne kex? too low rise? too skinny?
what about D RK SH DW's detroit jean--could i get away with the 27s? it looks like you have to size up in them.


jennifer said...

The Acne Kex run super skinny/tight, in my opinion. I could barely squeeze my legs into them. I hope you'll have a better experience with them than I did.

How do you like the Lululemon Wunder Under leggings? I'm thinking about buying some, but am still a little uneasy about the idea of wearing leggings to yoga.

evencleveland said...

I think the current/elliots look pretty darn good. It's a pity they didn't have the James pair in the right size - those looked good, too.

I never have luck with Madewell jeans (ironic).

Kim said...

yeah, the Kex are reallly tight. Love the Hex cut though! They fit like a dream.

jones said...

I've heard raves about the twiggy. Maybe worth seeking out a properly-sized pair...

miss sophie said...

in terms of balance between price, material and fit/rise, i have a pair of uniqlo skinny jeans that i LOVE. the material is just stretchy enough without feeling like 'jeggings', but it's also soft without that stiff, cardboardy feeling you get from some cheap denim. if there's a uniqlo near you it may be worth checking out on your second round of skinny jean try-ons!

erica said...

wish we had a uniqlo nearby, if only i lived in nyc!

if you want leggings for just yoga, i would recommend either the wunder unders in luon or the wunder grooves (high rise, more supportive waistband). i wear mine all day long, so i prefer the organic cotton, which is super soft.

i definitely want to try on the hexs if i can find them at barneys.

jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip, Erica. Maybe I'll stop by lululemon this weekend to try them on.

By the way, your new Tom Scott cardigan is really beautiful!

sarah said...

I have the J.Brands and I love them! You could also try SkinnyJeans!


Brooklyn3 said...

Citizens of Humanity makes a great pair the Avedon Slick Super Stretch Low Rise Skinny jean. I went down 1 size.

pam said...

Hey Erica! Love reading about the search for skinnies :) I have the same pair of CE skinnies you do (same size too). I have an obsession with them and have them also in Lovefield, New Worn and the dark wash sold at Totokaelo (can't remember the name right now). I am finding that I am a 26 in the skinnies and a 25 in the boyfriend.

About the Detroit jean -- the 27 will not work. I talked with Jill, and it's not a "go." You and I would wear a solid 28 in these. It sounds like right now you and I are a standard 27 (seems we've both lost some weight!).

Leon is beautiful -- he's not Gummy anymore! I need to write you and catch up :)