Tuesday, November 29, 2011

anna allen holiday 2011

i've been feeling a little down in the dumps because it keeps raining here in toronto, our thirteen year old car won't start, and our nyc/cambridge plans are becoming increasingly uncertain.

but look, anna allen's latest holiday collection will actually work with my waistline! i caved in on Black Friday and ordered a pair of J Brand maternity jeans because very little in my closet has been working with this pregnancy. most days i wear my APC tunic dresses belted over tights, but as it gets colder and colder, i'm running out of ideas.


jennifer said...

Such lovely pieces! I love that velvet is making a comeback this season.

I sure hope the weather clears up and things get better for you soon!

erica said...

velvet is definitely one of my favorite fabrics, so i'm also thrilled that it's making a showing this season. i have a fantastic velvet bubble hem skirt from zero maria cornejo that is perfect for the holidays.

Unknown said...

So many perfect smocks available now to make pregnancies more comfortable (and fashionable) - I dress that way anyway.