Wednesday, November 30, 2011

astier de villatte

one of my greatest weaknesses is the scented candle, especially one with an unusual scent. i've been obsessed with the narratives generated by C.B. I Hate Perfume, and these scents by Astier de Villatte (at Worthwhile) seem to be in a similar spirit.


erica-knits said...

I hope you ended up having a nice "in-lieu of" Thanksgiving. I agree the weather has been less than charming lately. Did you see the snow this morning? I could see it out of my window in Queen's Park at work (likely just a block or two away from you).

I hope we'll run into each other at the Handmade Holiday sale this weekend! (I saw your comment on Anabela's blog)

Hope you're well!

erica said...

yes, we're definitely going to be at handmade holiday, probably on the early side.

we must all work within a few blocks of each other, how funny!

Le Bouton said...

what a cool shop worthwhile is. great to see arts&science is avaiable!
and, it seems almost impossible to choose just one of those candles, but i did experience them last christmas (abc carpet&home) and the dehli scent was very, very good.