Thursday, June 14, 2012

on etsy

cotton gauze headband

handwoven vintage kilim rag rug pillow cover

do you feel overwhelmed by etsy? i certainly do. stephanie's curated list of favorites makes etsy browsing look effortless. i've been thinking a lot about that pillow cover...


Heather said...

Hi Erica. Off topic, but wondering if you'd share your favorite Portland (Maine) shopping spots? I have Black Parrot and Corey and Co bookmarked but I feel like I might remember you mentioning a few others? Thanks so much.

LOVE seeing your two boys together and so curious to hear how things have been different this time around (I've had it pretty bad in the sleep department with #1 too). Hope you are well and enjoying summer!



erica said...


we like congress street (angela adams, otto pizza, ferdinand...) and of course chellis wilson on pleasant street (is it still open? the blog hasn't been updated in ages).

aside from that, we mostly walk around the waterfront and enjoy the sea air!

have a fun trip!!

Heather said...

Yes! Chellis Wilson! I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks so much, I love Maine and can't wait to be there soon. xo

Jade said...

stephanie's curated list lead to the awesome acquisition of a new victorian ring for my anniversary. thanks for sharing!!