Friday, June 08, 2012

sale at anaise

airana bohling bella sandals now $201 at anaise.

creatures of comfort is also starting its 30% sale tonight at midnight (PRIVATESALESS12), but it's only for select designers. 

i bet this APC speckled silk t-shirt would work pretty well during the months of july and august, but goodness, i don't think i could keep it clean at the playground!


Jade said...

those ariana bohling sandals are FANTASTIC and so so comfortable!

jenny gordy said...

I'm wearing those Ariana Bohling sandals today! Jade is right, they're crazy comfortable. I've already gotten my money's worth after wearing them so many times. They make any outfit look so effortless.

erica said...

do they run true to size? i love my saltwaters, but let's face it, they're too casual and not meant for long walks. i'm too anxious about ordering without trying them on, though.

jenny gordy said...

Mine seem pretty true to size, albeit slightly loose because the leather stretches out a little. That makes them feel more comfortable to me though. They're not falling off or anything.