Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wren shirtdress

Lauren Moffatt pintuck top
these two prints at conifer shop are calling my name. i'm on the lookout for anything with buttons down the front.


julia said...

I've also been eyeing that wren dress, I just love the fabric!!

I just saw Stel's is closing at the end of June! Now there will be almost nothing left in Boston!

jennifer said...

I've been eyeing that Wren dress too! I love the fabric and the button-down front. Be careful though, in my experience, Wren clothing runs small. I've purchased two Wren dresses lately and have had to size up in both of them.

leanne said...

They're both gorgeous prints and look perfect for summer. The Wren dress would look great on you!

I'm anxiously awaiting Jenny's new pieces - the button down dress is perfect!

erica said...

julia, i can't believe stel's is closing! they opened right before i moved to boston, so it feels like the end of an era to me. so sad.

thanks for the fit advice, jennifer! i've never tried on any wren dresses before.

leanne, i'm eagerly awaiting jenny's collection, too! i went into zara the other day and felt exhausted. all i wanted was a simple breezy silk tank. oof.

leanne said...

did you ever find your tank? i have to confess that i ended up purchasing a couple pairs of shorts and tanks at the gap of all places. it is so hot here and i know they will be too big next summer - and at 40% off the sale price it couldn't be beat.

when are you going to be in ca? just a short trip for me as we're going to a wedding the last weekend. i'll be out there for a few days ahead of time with the baby. let me know if you'd like to try to get together in la or laguna - it would be nice to see you!

also - did you see the lucky breaks deal for 50% off wren dresses? they're probably all sold out, but i noticed it while paging through at the grocery store the other day.