Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall sweater

At the recommendation of Stephanie, I got the Texturework sweater at Madewell in August. The fit is surprisingly good, with a longer back hem and ribbing at the drop shoulder. So far I've hand washed it twice, and there's been less pilling than I would have expected for cotton/viscose/nylon blend. I would recommend sizing down (I got an xs) because it stretched out a bit horizontally. It's very soft and looks great over a collared shirt.

The egyptian gold color is more mustard brown than yellow in real life, but that's the one that I have.
I also loved the marled sage, but pretty much all of the colors are great.

Right now the sweater is on sale for $69 plus an additional 30% off (PINCHME).


Kay S. said...

thanks for the recommendation! i've been looking for the perfect navy sweater for fall and the sale on sale was fortuitous.

Jocy said...

It is good to know the sweater has held up well. I previously bought the Egyptian gold - a great color- but haven't washed it yet. Another Madewell find I'm enjoying is the Sculptor cardigan, an oversized cocoon style in merino wool.

erica said...

ooh yes, I want the sculptor cardigan, too.

Nhu said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It's on it's way to me. I hope it works well as a transitional piece, for the Fall and for post baby.