Sunday, February 18, 2007

a.p.c. gone wild

I'm a little concerned about Jean Touitou. The Spring/Summer A.P.C. collection is confusing me.

Ruffled sleeves? no thank you.

Piano keyboard sweater with brown and black stripes? yikes!

This is good, this I can handle.

There are some other things on the A.P.C. website that are covetable, but I'm feeling nervous about these other random pieces. There's a dress (really nice cut) with a Lily Pullitzer-esque yellow and orange citrus print that makes me worry. Silly prints are really an American thing. Touitou is known for his clever, discreet prints. If he's trying to be ironic about our love of preppy prints, well. No matter the intellectualization of design, I really don't feel like paying over $200 for a dress that reminds me of my strapless pina colada Pullitzer dress. Now, my lobster print silk jersey wrap skirt by Nieves Lavi, on the other hand, is completely doable. Don't ask me why. Prints are a personal thing, so A.P.C. diehards, don't get snippy on me.

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