Wednesday, February 21, 2007

impulse website updates!

there are finally new pictures on impulse's website. there isn't any information about designers or prices right now, but i'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this sweater is by tsumori chisato, a new quirky favorite of mine. i don't think i could wear most of her things because they're a little too distinctive in terms of prints and colors, but her stuff also looks great toned down with more discreet interesting details. do you remember that eskimo/inuit print dress worn by Audrey Tautou? that was by tsumori chisato F/W 06.

anyway, i want this sweater/blouse thing.

Here's a sold-out wool top from Gurej, in Houston:

This top, also at Gurej, looks like a lot of fun for someone who likes to pair interesting prints with black or denim. That someone is not me.

places that sell Tsumori Chisato: (no e-commerce) (e-commerce. i think has a 25% off coupon code) (e-commerce) (ironic, but no e-commerce)

it only took me 30 minutes, but i found a decent photo of above mentioned audrey tautou dress:

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