Monday, February 26, 2007

ebay tooth decay

I just came back from the dentist. I have over $2000 of work that needs to be done including wisdom teeth extraction and fillings. My front tooth, which was knocked out when I was 10, root canal-ed when I was 13, and crowned at 17, is dying and will need to be replaced by a completely fake, screwed-in type of thing (I'm not even a hockey player, I lost the tooth while rollerskating backwards). My new dentist is very nice, and he seemed genuinely sorry when he told me the bad news about the tooth. I have a feeling it will cost about $1000 more. Thanks Harvard for the shitty dental insurance option!!! Once upon a time, Harvard offered dental that cost $130 and included up to $1300 of work, now they offer a crappy $175 for a cleaning, four bitewing x-rays, and consultation. When I started the program, I enrolled in a now defunct Harvard dental plan that was $220 for ONE cleaning, four x-rays, and $400 of coverage. No wonder people stopped enrolling. Delta Dental through Harvard is not much better, though I really like my dentist. He's sympathetic to the graduate student's abject poverty, at least.

Which brings me to a major concern. I buy too much shit. I have run my credit cards into the ground. I don't even have cash for my Vietnam trip or to cover rent past April. Now, I know the New York Times had an article about people debt-blogging. Initially, this blog was supposed to serve a similar purpose, but then I decided a different strategy. I hoped that by photographing my outfits, I would convince myself that I had endless options and didn't require anything new. Boy was I wrong. My spending habit hasn't changed, I still spend more than I earn or can afford to set aside for clothing.

So, I'm selling a bunch of things on ebay, including:

Built By Wendy Great Lakes dress--paid $155, sold for $45. (love love love, but never wear it)

Oilily skirt--paid $100, sold $35 (too long for my frame, cute print, though).

Mayle Goya jumper-- asking price $150 (it's too big, the straps keep falling down, goddammit! design flaw or my fault? i coveted this dress for so so long, and now i need to give it up because i'm massively in debt. but i look so cute in it!)

EDIT: ok, i lied, i'm not selling it. i simply can't do it. i went through too much to give it up.

EDIT: i'm selling it.

UPDATE: Sold $355!

Built By Wendy denim miniskirt--paid $65, asking price $15 (hardly wear it nowadays)

UPDATE: it didn't sell. oh well!

Miu Miu pencil skirt--paid $155, asking price $85 (i'm too fat for this skirt. damn this dissertation sitting on my ass snacking my way through winter crap).

UPDATE: not sold. now i have a good reason to lose some weight.

Anyway, I'm switching formats on this blog. From now on I'll use it to post photos of my Vietnam trip and dissertation research. You know, the important stuff.

EDIT: I'm also selling this awesome Built By Wendy jacket that I've only worn 3 times in the past two years. There's a bid right now for $49. I paid $155.

I also returned this great jcrew camp shirt that I bought on sale for $49.99. I bought my favorite perfume and some lotion on Sephora and it will be arriving today. I'll be going to the mall to return that, also. $79. I ordered shoes from Creatures of Comfort that are arriving tomorrow. Cute Maloles flats, $69. Unfortunately, they are non-returnable. And I used my debit card. Damnation.

UPDATE: sold, $50 (oh well).

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the tooth--same sort of thing happened to me in Madison when I was in grad school (insurance stopped covering root canals on 7/1/93 and three days later I broke a tooth--and had a $1,000 dentist bill). Love your blog--and your tastes. My friend and I identify way too much and can't shop this way on academic wages!