Friday, February 02, 2007

lyell velvet jacket

this post is for my brooklyn friend. i am completely, utterly broke right now. i've spent money left and right on things i didn't need but wanted, or didn't even really want but was swept up in the giddiness of shopping, and now must remain stoic until i've figured out whether i can afford to pay my bills for the next 5 months, which is when i expect to receive more money. that is, if i'm successful in my grant applications. if not, i'm sure i'll be able to find a job thanks to all my marketable skills. right.
so, dear friend, take a look at this jacket. it is the epitome of fashion. useless but beautiful, therefore, useful. toss it on over a camisole and jeans, perfect for afternoon tea. slip it over a cocktail dress with heels, play or opera, perhaps? look at the lining, which i think is chiffon. it is both extravagant and practical, delicate but a little tough, too. i love this jacket. the fuller sleeves, the loose silhouette, how could one not buy it? because one's broke and living beyond one's means, that's how. i've had a good run these past few years, but a velvet jacket is the last thing i need to break the bank right now.

more posts to follow, i have a few new pieces that need to be shared. we'll have a marathon fashion shoot, and it'll be so much fun. i promise.

Lyell short sleeve velvet jacket, originally $325, now $160.
Available at:

no pressure, really. i mean, i wouldn't want to encourage empty materialism, but, this jacket needs a good home.

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nanashi said...

hello, I just found myself heartbroken after I realized that the Lyell jacket was sold out (the refinery website doesn't tell you that it's gone until you gather your guts to click the add button). I also adored that jacket but as you said, we don't exactly "need it" and I was trying to tell myself that need does not equal want...but now I'm pondering if that kind of beautiful jacket would ever show up again.

Nice site, by the way, I found your site as I was googling for the Lyell Jacket to see if anyone else was selling it.