Wednesday, January 23, 2008

biking v. walking

it may have been 20 degrees today, but that didn't stop me from wearing a short skirt. i wish my long cardigan was more like jenny's, but oh well, it's best to make do with what you have. i didn't consciously intend to wear purple tights with a purple coat, but goodness, that's a lot of purple! anyway, there's nothing better than riding my bike to work. 6 minutes on the bike versus 15 minutes by foot? hm.

what i wore today:
jcrew liberty print shirt
theory merino wool cardigan
theory denim miniskirt
falke tights
lyell peacoat
frye paige riding boots


tiffany... said...

oh... i love this outfit! purple tights are so great... i should probably wear some soon! isn't riding your bike in a miniskirt the best! (especially when it's not so cold... but, either way... there's something so great about it!) those boots are amazing.

jenny said...

oh, that outfit is adorable! i like your cardigan. also, i like all that purple! it's unexpected. you're so darn cute.

Alice said...

This is my daily question - to walk (20 mins) or bike (10 mins)? I live in Cambridge, too - just over near Inman Square and go to the Ed school. My fashion this year has seriously slipped because I usually decide to bike which means more sensible shoes and few skirts and a little sweaty forehead.

erica said...

i used to live near Inman Square, right on the Cambridge/Somerville line. i miss grabbing punjabi dhaba on my walk home, but i still go there all the time.

i have a hard time finding nice outfits for the bike, too, so it's usually jeans tucked into boots, a button down shirt, cardigan, and coat. i used to wear skirts and dresses all the time, but they aren't very good on a bicycle. the miniskirt is a bit too short, but with thick sweater tights i don't feel so exposed. i love going to vintage, etc. and buying new tights.

i know people who are afraid of bicycling because of the crazy drivers and terrible weather (it's either humid or freezing), but i love the extra mobility. last summer i started biking to boston rather than take the bus or T, and it was liberating.

Stephanie said...

great outfit erica! I love the purple. Aren't Falke tights the best?! I wish I had a pair in every colour and texture!

mallen said...


erica said...

that's right, matthew, aren't you sad you're in oregon and missing out?

P O S I E S said...

I love this outfit.

so forgetful said...

you are quite the stylish lady!

ali said...

Methinks you look adorable in that short skirt and boots.

Anonymous said...