Tuesday, January 15, 2008

some things aren't meant to be

i bought matthew this mociun striped t-shirt first, but i liked it so much, i wanted one for myself.
but now i'm feeling a bit silly. people already make fun of us for dressing in similar outfits.
is anyone interested in taking this off my hands? originally $84, asking price $58. size small (loose fit). SOLD!

sigh. this one makes me particularly sad. i've coveted these rachel comey clog heels all season.
but honestly? the other day i nearly twisted my ankle in my dankso maryjanes (1" heel).
there's no way i can ever learn to walk in 3" heels. plus, matthew kind of, sort of, hates them.
originally $250, asking price $170. size 38 (runs slightly large to true-to-size).

i bought both these items on sale and only want to make back what i spent. the mociun tee is from impulse and is non-returnable. the rachel comeys can be returned to raye in houston, but only for store credit.

if you have something that you know i might like (crafts-related items), i would be willing to consider a much reduced monetary amount plus that something else.

worse case scenario, i keep the shirt and return the shoes.

update:::the shoes went back to houston.


eri said...

oh, i would love that shirt! i just sent you an email...

Nanashi said...

Shoes are always difficult...they look adorable but when it comes to function and avoiding straining your ankle... it makes me admire all those women who walk in those pin heels (still haven't figured out how they do it). did you try putting some pad in the shoes? sometimes they stabilize your foot well if you do that.

Field Trip said...

I checked out Impulse when I was in Seattle, based on your recommendation! You were right, great store. Thanks! I only did slight damage to the wallet...

Field Trip said...

Oh, and the Mociun prints are so good. Great shirt.

erica said...

i'm glad you liked Impulse. Jill and everyone there are really great. thank goodness i no longer live in there, my bank account would be in much worse shape if i did!

erica said...

i will give that a try, but i have a terrible sense of balance. thanks for the tip!

Stephanie said...

i'd buy those rachel comey heels off you if i had the money! they're so cute, although i have heard that her shoes in general are uncomfortable. i have a pair of sandals of hers from this past spring and they chew up my feet within 5 minutes of wearing them, but I thought that was just because my feet are so finicky.

erica said...

hey stephanie, i hear you on both counts (lack of money and painful shoes)! i think i'll probably have to return them for store credit, or try selling them on ebay, but i rarely recoup losses with them.

they're very cute, though. quelle dommage!

codename: tiny said...


i think you should reconsider the rachel comey shoes before you return them. i myself have a pair and find them unusually comfortable, a rare find indeed for someone with rubbery ankles and a whole host of foot afflictions. they remind me of an old NYT headline about prada platform shoes: making women taller safely!


jenny said...

i wish i wish i wish my feet were smaller. i am so in love with those shoes but couldn't find them in my size. i'm sorry they're not working out for you! also, why did i not read my blogs for a few days? i'm dying for that shirt. people make fun of me and joe for dressing alike all. the. time. : )

erica said...

oh jenny, i'm so sorry, i didn't know you wanted the shirt! i might have to give the shoes more time, but i don't feel very confident in the heels.

matthew and i have been wearing a lot of striped things, and people keep noticing. but it makes sense since i buy all of his clothes!

Anonymous said...