Thursday, January 31, 2008

mociun spring 2008

the look book is still nowhere to be found, but beklina now has a few pieces available.

i haven't been able to find many photos of caitlin mociun's new collection online. the top image is from Sotto Boutique. there are a few more photos on their site. i found this dress on Last Waltz's shop blog.

i found this quote regarding the new collection: "For my spring 2008 collection, I'll be using the art of Kiki Smith, Bauhaus textiles and color exercise paintings, and late 18th-century nightgowns as inspiration."

i'm really excited by the new shapes and cuts. i hope the look book is available online soon, as i have been waiting impatiently for this collection since november.


erin said...

i keep looking for that collection too, but you're a much better detective than me! hope the look book turns up soon...

Jessica said...

delightful print and everything is fantastic..where did you find it?

I looked on the where to be found!

P O S I E S said...

I can't wait for it either for the clothes, but also because I always love the way the shots are styled.

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful! thanks for the find xo

michelle said...

Great prints as always!

jenny said...

i'm excited too!

erin said...

ooh just found a few more shots here!

erica said...

thanks for the link, erin! i love love the bathing suit...

amanda said... has the scooped sundress and ribcage t-shirt!

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