Monday, April 21, 2008

isabel marant at impulse

oh hello sandals. don't i wish i could buy every single pair!

i love this print. thanks to jenny for alerting me to the new isabel marant pieces on impulse's flickr. it's shipping today, can't wait to wear it.

(photos by impulse)


Stephanie said...

oooh you lucky girl! I really want the dress version but I want new furniture more ;) I hate having to choose!

Jeanette said...

gorgeous dress Erica, pls post more pics when you do receive it.

Moya said...

I love the shoes too, and the dress is great.I love Isabelle Marant too...

Yas said...

Love Isabel Marant. Her clothes are so perfect for summer!

christine said...

Hi, love your blog. I posted the same exact Isabel Marant post on mine. Mind if I link you? I feel we definitely have similar tastes. xo

The Spicers said...

Beautiful stuff! I love the sandals.

Anonymous said...