Wednesday, April 09, 2008

le bouton corduroy basic straight skirt

here's my new le bouton corduroy skirt. the fabric is so interesting because the green dye only saturated the top surface. so the white ground is revealed whenever i move. lisa shortened the length so i can ride my bicycle in it. there's a generous back foldover pleat, too, which lets me kick up my heels and dance (or run after a bus!). lisa works with two seamstresses now, and both the design and the final product are perfectly done.

i feel like i should wear more green, it's such a delightful color.


Unknown said...

i love this skirt!

anabela / fieldguided said...

The fabric is amazing and I love how functional and versatile that skirt is.

Moya said...

It's lovely! I love green too--I wish there was more green clothing out there. I did get the Lyell Claire dress in green in their sample sale for $40 (a steal).

erica said...

the lyell claire dress was one of the prettiest shades of green that i've seen in a while. i was afraid to try it on because the fabric seems so delicate. but oh, such a pretty dress.

$40, though, lucky girl!

Moya said...

I know--I was returning from a conference and thought as I was getting there late in the day everything would be gone. But because it was fragile, it looked like nothing in the bin, and surprisingly (as I'm an 8) the size 4 sample fit perfectly. It's actually nicer in some ways than the production dress as it has great pin-tucks in the back. The Lyell sample sale is one of the best, but they give next to no notice--usually less than a day.

R.G. said...

that jade green color is gorgeous on you! the texture looks really interesting too.

Dianna said...

cute skirt & the color is superb!

Jeanette said...

love the skirt, the texture is so unique, its superb!

I love green as well, have been collecting pieces over the years, its such a elegant and interesting colour.

Moya, I would love to see your wordrobe..

nanashi said...

That is a great color, I really like your shirt, too, and how you rolled it up (or perhaps it is a 3/4 sleeve?). I wish there were more great green out there, it seems like all I see is purple (not that that is a bad thing).

Moya said...

I'd love to see yours Jeanette--it seems like we have similar tastes? Mine is mainly Mayle, Lyell, some Philip Lim, Club Monaco, Inhabit cashmere, Earnest Sewn and older Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor and Vince. For shoes, Chie Mihara, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and some Te Casan.

Anonymous said...