Thursday, April 17, 2008

mariage freres

my friend swears by mariage freres tea. i've always admired the boxes of tea at williams sonoma, but i never thought to buy any for myself. however, the other day i was feeling a bit down and decided to try on new mayle at louis boston. no matter how lovely the clothing, the prices depressed me even more. so i grabbed a box of tea from their housewares department and went back home to wallow in self-pity. when i opened the box, i was amazed by the lovely presentation. plus, the aroma alone is enough to lift your spirits.


Anabela said...

Oh! You just reminded me of something. My favourite tea, Taylor's of Harrogate vanilla black tea, has been discontinued, and Mariage frères makes a vanilla black tea I should try.

It is no ordinary tea that can lift the spirits of one who has been on an unsuccessful shopping trip.

erica-knits said...

Anabela is right, that is no ordinary tea. Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

trying on pretty things i can't have depresses me too. i rarely do it. i will sometimes browse but trying on is pure torture!

erica said...

it's so true, once you try something on, it's so much more difficult to walk away from it. i am very susceptible to impulse purchases of things that i really want but shouldn't buy.

thankfully the shopgirls at Louis ignore me, so i feel less scrutinized when i put the dresses back on the rack.

P O S I E S said...

I actually really like to try things on for fun. A lot of times it ends up not looking so hot on me so that way I sort of get the item out of my system and don't have to worry about pining after it. Perhaps this is the one benefit of not having a perfect figure.

I have never heard of this tea. I am a big tea drinker.. I must find it! It's just so beautiful!

marie said...

i have a tin from my last trip to paris that im not so sucessfully trying to use slowly :) those tea bags look so sweet!

Moya said...

This is beautiful. I need to get some for me and for a tea-drinking good friend.

Which Mayle pieces did you try on? There were some new tops in last week that were so beautiful I didn't dare try them on. It would have been very difficult to walk away and they were all over $500, and there's no way I can spend that.

erica said...

i tried on the nieves blouse, and the lilly and liliana dresses. i'm not really sold on the center twist cutout on the front of the dress, but i liked the easy shape of the liliana. the nieves blouse looks great on, but some of the embroidery threads had already frayed on one of the tops. $450? no thanks.

louis really expanded their mayle selection. i don't think there are as many europeans/brits shopping in boston, so i'm assuming there will be plenty left over for the rest of us!

Janet said...

Mariage Frères is my absolute favorite. I always make a pilgrimage there when I am in Paris. My favorites are Mango, Marco Polo, Bolero...and a friend just brought me some Orange Cinnamon. Divine!

Anonymous said...