Thursday, April 17, 2008

rachel comey dress

the perfect garden party dress. at oak.


Unknown said...

that dress is stunning. i love it. I think the models' tattoos are distracting in the photo.

erica said...

i agree, the tattoos are a little distracting (although beautiful in their own right).

nanashi said...

I really love the print, Rachel Comey makes her own print for each season and they are simply beautiful. The tattoo almost makes it look like there is no border between the skin and the dress..hmmm...

Moya said...

It is perfect, although I'm not a fan of that many tattoos either. I have to visit it at Oak and try it on for myself.

Michelle said...

I actually really love the tattoos...I think a sleeve contrasts wonderfully with a pretty dress (but I don't have the bravery or the bank account to get one myself)!

Anonymous said...