Thursday, August 21, 2008

humanoid dress + rachel comey belt

having never worn a belt before, this will take some getting used to. but i can see how it will be very helpful in the coming months.

the dress is so light and comfortable, i'll probably wear it as long as the weather allows. i think i'll save the creative draping for the day when i no longer have a jolly round belly to contend with.


Elle said...

This looks great on you. I feel like it's sort of a new silhouette for you also, and it looks fabuloso.

Leanne said...

you just convinced me to try a belt!

chelsea said...

This looks so fabulous. I love the belt.

jenny gordy said...


Leanne said...

Which belt width did you get? I almost like the way that you are wearing the dress better than the draping. Now they're all gone ..

erica said...

i got the skinny version, 3/4" in a size medium. i wear it at its longest length, so maybe a large would have been better.

i'm definitely buying more belts this fall, maybe in brightly colored patent leather.

lsaspacey said...

I definitely like the dress better on you than on the model. Now I like it enough to want it. It also looks like it will be extremely practical and useful for you over the next few months since you can layer it over and under many things. By the way, congratulations on your new reason to buy more clothes!!! ;)

(As if one needs a NEW reason...)

Anonymous said...