Thursday, August 14, 2008


i'm in full nesting mode these days. my house is a wreck, a hodgepodge of incomplete projects. we've finally committed to painting the walls after three years of living here. a north-facing apartment with a dark kitchen and even darker bathroom = tricky. i'm going to paint a pegboard dark grey and mount it next to our new kitchen shelves. i sense another ikea trip this weekend.

i love frazier and wing's new hanging garland, as seen on d*s. alas, at $400, i'm going to have to use this as inspiration for an arts and crafts weekend. off to maine tomorrow morning to watch matthew fall out of an airplane. i will be proofreading my paper proposal and taking photographs of the event, since i prefer avoiding excitement and adventure.


tiffany... said...

hooray for nesting!
i love that garland and think i should make something similar one day... hmmm... i can't wait to see how yours turns out.
thank goodness for some sun today... new england weather is killing me this summer...
happy painting and crafting and avoiding that crazy excitement! (i'd be sitting right next to you there... no jumping out of anything for me...)

chelsea said...

Good luck with the house projects. I have commitment issues- I can't seem to follow-through with any of my house projects:)

Have fun in Maine on the non-adventure:)

dagmag said...

swingy tops, there something you want to share?! *just kidding* ;)

Jessica said...

that garland is really pretty i am sure you can crafted it up and make it!

miss sophie said...

i just got the ikea 2009 catalog yesterday and already it's full of earmarked, wishlisted items. now that there's one in brooklyn it's going to be harder to resist the temptations!

we painted our living room walls a french greyish color when we moved in last fall. it's a really lovely neutral that makes for a great canvas tone for everything else.

erica said...

i think greys are perfect for interiors! i'm not sure exactly how these garlands are made, but i was thinking of gluing magazine paper together and then cutting out shapes.

usually the first thing i do when i move is paint the walls. you'd think that owning a place would give me license to do whatever i want. and yet, suddenly, it becomes so hard to commit!

it might be a fun project to do (at a less extravagant scale) with your kiddos at school. i'm so not into crazy excitement. i prefer the glitter/glue/yarn type of excitement, personally...

don't ask, don't tell. ;)

Stephanie said...

that garland is so amazing!

sasha said...

we have been painting our house bit by bit. the best color ideas i find: marie claire maison. issue by issue, they are quite reliable with interior color. all of our room colors have grey tones, our movie room is a medium-dark grey (wanted a slight purple undertone, but it's a deeper grey than expected), our living room is a blue-grey. it's hard to get exactly what you want, i've had to redo alot, either due to over or under shooting the color. buy the smallest size possible and try!

erica said...

my paint store sells tiny samples, hopefully they can mix the colors that i'm interested in. i've never painted my walls grey, and pale blues, yellows and creams seem so much easier in comparison. thanks for the tip about marie claire maison, i will take a look at it!

fanja said...

hi Erica, thanks for your lovely comment.
hmm, nesting, I'd love to be in the house by myself for a week or two and finish off all the little annoying details which need to be worked on. Enjoy your little house projects, i know how hard it must be to make decisions and give it a start! x

Anonymous said...