Wednesday, August 06, 2008

portland, me

(photo from black parrot)

so last saturday matthew and i drove up to portland so i could try on these giraudon oxfords at black parrot. we had lunch at the blue spoon, which is on the east end of portland. such delicious sandwiches, although i couldn't quite finish mine. afterwards, we walked around the cemetery and checked out the shops in the area.

i bought onesies at ferdinand. *pinch pinch*

(photo from black parrot)

oh yes, but what about that pesky oxford hunt? black parrot is in a huge airy space with large windows and home goods in the back of the shop. i was so happy to see a shop like that in portland, which really doesn't have too many clothing stores that interest me. the women there were so nice and helpful, but unfortunately the oxfords dug at my ankle bone. plus, matthew wasn't as keen on the pixieish pointy toe or heel. i'm sure these shoes will make someone else very very happy. anyway, i bought a loose-fitting, gathered neckline black tee by marimekko. i had no idea marimekko made such understated clothing.

after a few more hours of bookstore browsing, we drove south to kennebunkport for an early dinner at the clam shack. the lobster roll was delicious, and i wish i had saved enough room for fried clam strips.

hopefully we'll go to nyc in the next week or so to do some early back to school shopping. i keep dreaming about ippudo ramen in the east village. and mociun's latest collection. see lena's gorgeous photos here.


Lola Is Beauty said...

a place with a name like kennebunkport is a place I need to visit! good thing I love lobster.

Joanna Goddard said...

the clam shack looks like so much fun.

ps. i LOVE that you have separate lists for pet and baby names! that is so cute.

la casita de wendy said...

hi! i love your blog and the items you show... i´m a designer myself but i´m also in love with others disegners work!

Jessica said...

your oxfords are quite delightful. I want to get a pair of Mociun tights for this fall.

porter hovey said...

Ohhh!! just love the shoes. they're just a classic that will look great with jeans.

Sm. said...

The Clam Shack looks like a good time!

Abby said...

Have you ever looked into Church's oxfords? They're pricey, but Tony Blair has been wearing his pair for 18 years, so that's worth something.

tiffany... said...

those little onesies should have been a dead give a-way... but, my brain does not move as fast as i like to think it does!

erica said...

i was wondering if anyone would call me on my onesies-fixation!

Anonymous said...