Wednesday, August 13, 2008

humanoid dress

must be bored/procrastinating today. just bought this slouchy humanoid dress from anica.

my very first belt is coming in the mail.
rachel comey double buckle belt from stand up comedy.

ok, no more shopping. back to work.


Chelsea said...

I love what you bought! I've been thinking a lot about belts lately. There are some great ones out there.

erica said...

i can't believe i've never owned a belt until now! i think this is the beginning of a dangerous habit. i've been thumbing through my jcrew catalog and coveting their brightly colored patent leather belts. you're so right, there are tons of nice belts out there nowadays!

Stephanie said...

great buys! the belt is really nice. i've been on a bit of a belt quest for the last little while- or maybe i've just noticed more belts lately... something in the air maybe. i didn't start getting into belts until about 3 years ago due to a trip to london.

SASHA said...

that dress is great. i think i love everything humanoid puts out. my day of procrastination last week resulted in a box from impulse on my doorstep this afternoon. all on sale, everything fits: it was totally worth the lapse in concentration.

Unknown said...

that dress is stunning - I love it!!

erica-knits said...

oh beautiful! I love the humanoid collection and I believe you bought the most elegant dress they had to offer!
Oh, and I love belts. I bet you will have so much fun trying that cute belt on with everything you have!

Rachel Ball said...

love this dress + belt!

Catherine said...

Oh to see inside your wardrobe. I love the way you take a chance on garments rather than obssessing over whether to buy like some of us might.

Fantastic dress - would love to see a photo of you wearing it.

Jennifer said...

beautiful dress. the belt reminds me of a.demeulemeester.
very very productive prograstination.

Jennifer said...

^^^roflmao - "C"

Anonymous said...