Saturday, September 13, 2008

painting, off to nyc for the day

the bedroom is finished, but some of the old ceiling paint came off with the blue tape. this apartment was poorly painted when we moved here, so i'm not surprised. i love the shade of grey we picked, it makes our furniture look so much nicer.

driving to nyc/brooklyn in about 5 minutes. after 4 years of the chinatown bus, and a lack of friends to stay with in the city, we've decided to drive. hopefully i'll make it to erie basin. oh, and maybe i'll be able to take photos in the mayle dressing room.

to do list:
mociun dresses
mayle everything
muji notebooks


Lena said...

I hope you have a great trip!
Bird on Smith street has a to-die-for selection of fall things right now... you could swing by there on your way to Erie Basin.

Moya said...

Have fun! Let me know what Mayle have--I haven't had the heart--or time--to make it in since I heard they were closing.

d.goligorsky said...

MUJI picture frames are also key. I wish they would just open an online store in the US already.

Joanna Goddard said...

have a fun weekend! i LOVE your dressing-room shots.

erica said...

we made it to both erie basin and bird in park slope! of course everything was gorgeous at both shops, but i came away empty-handed.

moya, it's definitely worth going to mayle, although their stock seems to be flying off the shelves. i'll do a mini-write up later about what i tried on. i cannot wait for the holiday resort, although at the same time, nyc won't be the same for me once they close....

Stephanie said...

ooh very nice grey! i just love erie basin's selection.

Anonymous said...