Thursday, September 18, 2008

rachel comey chukka boot, i love you

yes, yes, i know i've lost count of my rachel comey shoe disappointments, but maybe these will be better? it's like ice cream. i know it'll hurt my stomach, but i can't ever say no. i think i'm going to buy a pair of l.l. bean boots. i wonder if they work well on icy sidewalks.

rachel comey moccasin style chukka boots, $320 at gimme shoes.


Stephanie said...

Ahhhh I know... there's a pair of her clog booties I really like! I have an old pair of minnetonka booties that look exactly like this but in suede.

Stephanie said...

Oh, these made my heart do a little fillip of joy.

Damn you, Rachel Comey!

(I have been thinking about this pair of Bean boots myself:
Good winter boots are KEY. I couldn't function without them. I consider Uggs to be the root of evil, but, I have to say, one crazy bad winter I broke down and bought a pair of the Adirondack Tall and they are the business - light, warm, comfortable, and crazy tough. When I used to walk to work, they were a godsend.)

erica said...

i was thinking of those 10" boots, too! i might go with the thinsulates, though, although the shearling is much cuter.

i've been wearing Uggs since my california adolescence. chalk it up to living near the beach. i don't think they've held up very well to the weather, but boy do they keep my toes warm! you won't see any Ugg-bashing on this blog. or Birkenstocks. ;)

erica said...

stephanie (grey),

you should post photos of your old minnetonka booties. i saw a pair that might be a good rachel comey substitute on zappos, but i'd love to see how you style yours.

miss sophie said...

ah, the chukka. i had my heart set on a pair of born chilito booties in the loveliest shade of espresso brown tumbled leather, and they sold out on zappos before i finally decided i should get them!

le sigh.

i did post earlier this summer about clarks wallabees, which are also quite sturdy and another possible option.

erica said...

ah yes, the clark wallabees! i've often thought of these as a good option, but there's something about the crepe sole that weirds me out. i bet they're super comfortable though.

miss sophie said...

haha yes, the crepe sole is definitely a 'characteristic' of the wallabee.

i've seen a cute (thinner) crepe sole on the frye short wedge booties, though.

Iheartfashion said...

These are great!

Style Bite said...

oooh, I hadn't seen these yet, lovely. Just got back from peeping the Spring '09 collection, it's fantastic and the shoes are particularly great! Hopefully the construction will be as great.

porter hovey said...

These are just fantastic! I want a pair too!!

mailjjenks said...

I have a pair of the LL bean shearling lined Bean Boots. Things you should know:
I bought mine according to their sizing advice (w's 7 wide, normally I am a w's 8-8.5w) and they are huge, like clown shoes. I should have sent them back. Second thing is that the rubber soles are not great on ice. Third thing is I wish I had bought a pull on boot- 10" of lacing is a lot of work. Every time. For Months.
p.s. Love your taste!

erica said...

mailjjenks, thanks for the LL bean advice. i really need something that works well on ice, but have yet to find anything attractive so far.

maybe i should keep looking...

Kate said...

ah I love these...I don't know why though! I think maybe beacuse they're pretty in a quirky way?!

Anonymous said...