Friday, January 30, 2009

the old stand-bys

still in not-quite-ready-for-the-baby mode. hence the carseat and exercise ball crowding my living room.

i basically have 6 things i can wear now. this has been a good time for me to take another hard look at my closet. i've learned to really appreciate the workhorses, such as this j.crew striped sweater and a.p.c. corduroy dress. hopefully once i'm ready to start buying clothing again, i'll make smarter choices. even though the a.p.c. dress is relatively old, every time i put it on it seems new and different to me.

is it just me, or is there something menacing about the calf's expression?

i guess i'm on maternity leave now, since i'm not allowed to teach this semester. the last exam was graded this week, and now it's all about dissertation writing and being a mom. speaking of, matthew's friends are throwing us another baby shower tomorrow. i love that architecture students use the laser cutter for pretty much anything.


pigeon.toed said...

that is the cutest card ever! maybe the her look is menacing to scare anyone away from harming her babies? :)

leanne said...

i have the same jcrew top and wear it pretty much every other day. i feel like i need another one in case this one wears too thin. enjoy the baby shower!

Catherine said...

Love the APC dress; my friend had on that exact style the other day in a sort of washed out plaid. It was so, so, nice on.

Have fun with the baby shower and enjoy being treated royally (as you should)!

janul said...

Hi Erica, I was so upset in the last days of pregnancy, as I could wear only one (not so nice) dress with throusers under it. I couldn´t wait for the baby to be out so I could wear something nice again. When I´m pregnant for the next time (hopefully), I´ll invest in something that will look good till the end of pregnancy.

Moya said...

You look great in this--I think you are the most stylish pregnant woman ever. I'm taking tips for when (hopefully) it is my turn.