Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday treat

after reading jenny's post the other day, i realized that i haven't bought flowers for the house in almost a year. they may not be from saipua, but for $5, they're a pretty nice midweek treat. i highly recommend it.

the deadline came, i turned in what i had, and now i get to keep working on the chapter until i'm ready to start another one.

35 weeks down, 2 weeks to full-term--i am so ready to meet this little kicker.


evencleveland said...

Fresh flowers in winter are a treat - the green is so refreshing. It makes me think that I should force some bulbs so that I can have a little early spring cheer even when the ground is still hard and cold.

I can't believe it is only two weeks!

kate / tinywarbler said...

i just bought some blush colored tulips yesterday! it really is a great treat.
and happy bleated birthday!
and your new haircut looks super cute on you!

Moya said...

They are so pretty. I hope the writing is going well--I'm reading through the book and making the final edit (which has involved shifting the order of some of the chapters). I'm currently reading chapter 4--three more to go and then it's back to the intro and conclusion and then off to the University of California Press.

I can't believe you are so near giving birth! The time seems to have flown by. I have my first appointment about IVF tomorrow and have convinced myself I am both suffering from ovarian cancer and going through early menopause... Work is a good distraction!

erica said...

that's great that you're doing the final edit. UC Press is my dream press, i love pretty much everything they put out.

i hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. you're talking to a master hypochondriac here! i'm just thrilled that everything has been normal with this baby (head down, kicking like a footballer, a good size, etc.).

kate and stephanie-
isn't it amazing how so little can do so much to change your mood on a freezing winter day? i have a hard time justifying the expense of flowers every week, but it's the equivalent of a coffee and scone.

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful colour! A price tag shouldn't determine a flower's worth. I find weeds pretty on occasion.

How fast have the pregnancies gone?! I'm 37 weeks today, hoping my little wriggler waits at least another week. Mind you, my feet are starting to look like someone elses...darn that fluid retention!

Michelle said...

Oh they are so special, makes me want to go get some...

Joanna Goddard said...

yay! so excited about your babe!!!

fleur_delicious said...

Oh, these are lovely! Fresh flowers are such a treat, aren't they? Since I read Apartment Therapy, I've been buying a little bunch from Trader Joe's every week and it really does brighten the home, add something special in the way of colour and smell. Plus, I can change the colours every week!

It also doesn't hurt that my bf brought me an Aalto vase (one of Italo's reproductions) back from Sweden years ago; it seems a shame not to use such a beautiful piece.