Monday, January 26, 2009


trying to make the used ikea gulliver crib more presentable
researching mattresses (coconut fiber? mohair? who knew)
browsing toast's archive sale (up to 85% off)
grading exams


melissa said...

there was a recent article in the new york times about organic mattresses. i've also been thinking about what kind of mattress to get our pending offspring.

erica said...


i saw that article, too, but it only confused me more! we have a used ikea foam mattress (the guy gave it to us free with the crib), but i'm not sure i want to use it.

we're running out of time, it makes me think i should buy a $45 moses basket before making the bigger purchase.

let me know if you have any ideas of what to get.

leanne said...

at least the exchange rate is more favorable now! I was bummed that the repetto flats were sold out in my size.

Good luck with the mattress.

mrsYTC said...

it depends on whether or not you'll be co-sleeping with your baby too. we have the gulliver crib too--both our older kids slept in it from 1-2ish before moving to "big kid" beds. honestly before 2, your kid won't feel the difference if u have a fantastically pricey mattress or not--i'd get another gulliver mattress to replace the "used" one. invest in a fab big kid mattress.

erica said...

i don't think we'll be co-sleeping (not enough room on the bed). my parents have been pressuring me to buy a nicer mattress, but i need to think about it some more.

jdg said...

I made a box out of mdf panels to slipcover the ends of a gulliver---now it looks like one of those stupid $600 cribs. I look forward to seeing what yours looks like put together.

erica said...

i've seen other gulliver hacked cribs, but didn't think about slipcovering the ends. i can't decide whether that's easier or more difficult than replacing the sides altogether.

we're doing fabric printing on our ikea bedding, once we figure out the best surface to laser-cut designs on.

Michelle said...

ohhh, fun!