Friday, January 09, 2009

two new pieces on 'laws of general economy'

two new lovely pieces available on laws of general economy.

i am so happy that other people are participating. i have a few more things that i'm deciding whether or not it's time to relinquish before the baby arrives, but it's a hard process. i just wanted to stress to anyone considering offering clothing, accessories, design objects, etc., that the compensation you request is ultimately up to you. there are no hard rules about this. the important thing is: i don't think the site should be solely about money. it's a hard thing to give without expecting much, if anything, in return, especially to strangers. it's also hard to let go of things you bought and never used. i feel like i've become too attached to things, so this is a personally challenging exercise. sometimes we need a little incentive (nothing wrong with that), but i hope that the feeling of liberation is more appealing than balancing an imaginary checkbook. the more i dwell on numbers, the more depressed i become. i've made mistakes--i'm trying to do better. time to move on.


accentuate said...

I agree. I think it's a great blog/idea/thing that you are doing there. I think I'm going to participate soon-I just the jacket/coat I never wear (sigh). You are right about liberation-just feels lighter.

Moya said...

I agree with the comment above. I have to dive into my closet and post some items. I know there are pieces in there I've never worn but seemed a good idea at the time. I am also determined to retool my bedroom and my closet is part of that.

I know what you mean about letting go of items. I tend to hoard things (for their sentimental value or their future possible worth as well as out of indecision) but I have sometimes over-purged and that's as bad. Then I found myself searching for those pieces before remembering I'd pitched them in a cleansing fit.

erica said...

over-purging is the greatest danger of all, definitely. my strategy is to put anything i haven't worn in a few years into a box. if it's truly out of sight, out of mind, i'll either donate or give away the piece after a waiting period of one year. so, it takes a long time, but in general i have no regrets.