Monday, February 16, 2009

laws of general economy update

alas for me, most of these items are too small.

they include:
lyell julie christie dress in white linen (size 6)
tashkent by cheyenne shearling flats (size 36)
two eskell blouses (size 0)
vintage plaid blouse (size x-small)
and many other lovely things.

as always, any feedback about the clothing blog is much appreciated. i will have a few more things to post once i'm better able to assess my spring wardrobe.


Jennifer said...

feedback? it seemed to work great when i listed items on it.
thank you for doing it!

Michelle said...

If I were your size...I would buy buy buy

craftysunday said...

oui oui! i LOVE that you're doing this...what better than reducing AND reusing? perhaps i'll add a few things? that said,i, too, would buy (that plaid blouse! yay!) if the clothes were my size. (smile!)

Rubyellen said...

hi! i found you via from catherine of lucy and i. i must say i totally love your style... too bad my pocket book can't imitate it, but at least i can try to recreate some with my trusty sewing machine! i am so in love with the mociun ikat dress and i bought some fabric to give it a go... i hope it turns out almost as lovely!

keep up the stylish inspiration!

erica said...

if i could sew, i would definitely try and make my own clothing. i'm so amazing that catherine can whip up a blouse in a day!

the more the merrier for the clothing blog. i love that all of these pieces are going to people who will actually wear them.