Friday, February 27, 2009

martin clothing on sale

military moleskin jacket, now $247

cashmere sweatshirt, now $175

first of all--thank you for the well-wishes! i feel so lucky to know such thoughtful and kind people. the first week is nearly over, and with leo snuggled in his p-sling, the only thing i can reiterate is how amazing it has been.

so, while researching strollers (still), i couldn't help but post about the martin clothing 50% off sale. i'm wearing my straight-leg jeans right now, with the help of a bella band, of course, and wishing i could wear this cashmere sweatshirt and moleskin jacket. they're both perfect for the gorgeous spring weather i've been admiring from my window.

birth story and other leo-related news to be posted on the other blog soon, hopefully when his jaundice clears up.

i have a feeling i'm going to spend a lot of time next week catching up on everyone's posts....


Heather said...

So I landed here a few days ago while looking for pictures of people actually wearing a Virginia Johnson shawl and had loads of fun reading your old posts and things and then there you go having a ridiculously adorable baby on top of it all. Happy baby, and cheers for writing about fashion in such a down to earth way.


leanne said...

Wouldn't you know that you'd be back to the clothing already (just kidding)! The photos of your fam are adorable. Enjoy this time you have.

romaine said...

my daughter had jaundice right after being born - I ended having to have her lie on a light mat contraption, and after that it cleared up fairly fast. Best wishes!