Monday, February 09, 2009

mociun ikat dress update

my mociun ikat dress arrived today from beklina, and i am so bummed because it is even more beautiful in person but too small! and i'm not just saying this because i'm 8.5 months pregnant--it is too tight in the shoulders and high waist, and that will not change post delivery. it's actually a bit annoying because if it were just 1 1/2" wider around the waist, it would be perfect. i should have ordered the medium...i wanted this to be my go-to summer dress.

unfortunately it was a final sale, and i can either put it on ebay or see if anyone here wants to buy it. obviously i'd love to get back what i paid ($170), i'll pay for shipping (usps with delivery confirmation).

the fabric is medium-heavy weight, very sturdy yet soft. it is also very very short (but adorably so), and probably better suited to someone who is a size 4 and 5'5" or shorter (i'm perfectly comfortable with the length, and i'm 5'5").

here are the measurements (flat)
shoulders: 17 1/4"
length of bodice: 11 1/2" (from back of the neck to high waist)
high waist: 15" (just under the bust)
total length: 31"
hem opening: 19" (tulip skirt)

UPDATE: Beklina is letting me exchange the dress for a medium, hooray!

another update:
the medium sold out before i could exchange it, so i'm getting the large instead. the measurements look pretty much identical except the empire waist is 17" instead of 16" across. shouldn't be a problem with the adjustable tie-front.

oh, and if you're looking for this dress in a small or medium, ooga booga (a fantastic store in LA's chinatown) has it for $150.


Stephanie said...

aww that's too bad! i hate it when that happens. i have an apc top that i still have because i'm hoping one day i will fit into it! i should just cut my losses and sell it ;)

erica said...

i know what you mean, and it always stinks because you end up losing money on something you never got to wear.

i wish i could just exchange it for a medium, but i'm guessing final sale means just that.

LivKate said...

Did you try calling Beklina? Maybe they would accomodate an exchange. Just tell them that you love it and want it but it is a tad too snug. It doesn't hurt to ask ...nicely ;)

erica said...

that's a great suggestion...i've contacted them to see whether this would be possible. it would be wonderful if it were.

kate / tinywarbler said...

oh, i know what you mean. i tried this dress on and it does fit a little smaller (i think). it's too bad, i hope they will exchange it for you.

Moya said...

I'd definitely ask--in this economy, it isn't like a return where they lose a sale. Let us know what happens.

V said...

Oh no... I was going to buy this dress (in the batik print), but now I'm not so sure about sizing.

I'm about 5'8 and size 6-8 (wide, squarish frame). Do you think I should just get a large? Haha I wish they had the skirts available; at least that way there would be a lot less agonizing!

erica said...

i'm exchanging the small for a medium. the measurements are:
across the chest 16" (where the clip is)
shoulders: 17"
length of bodice: 11 3/4"
hem opening: 20"

honestly, i think this dress will be super short on you if you're 5'8"! even with a large, i don't think it'll be much longer...

have you seen the skirt version on this website:

they have a medium, which probably will fit you depending on your natural waist measurement.

mel said...

glad they're letting you exchange it. i was going to offer to buy it from you, but was reluctant after dropping some serious dollars at mayle! i may have to wait on my tie-front dress after all. do you have a tie-front that's not tulip shaped? does that style run differently in sizing? i also noticed we both got the mirabelle; can i ask you what size you got for comparison! i might have to take mine in... enjoy both your dresses!

erica said...

i used to have a full-skirted tie-front dress, and i found the sizing to be similar for the small (i.e. a little too tight in the ribcage). but, when i tried on the batik tulip tie-front in a small, it seemed to be quite a bit larger, i'm not sure what to make of the discrepancy. i think it's better to try it on in the store when it comes to these dresses.

as for the mirabelle, i bought it in a size 6, which is what i usually wear in mayle. it's a very forgiving shape, the only thing that really needs to fit are the armholes. you are really going to love how it drapes and feels!

leanne said...

yay! can't wait to see photos of the new dress(es). In Mayle news, I caved and bought reiko and the rika pants today. as well as a fabulous pink humanoid tunic. i need to find a real job soon as i am making zero dollars now.

erica said...

did you get the reiko in black? i've never had much luck with mayle pants, but i'm not really a pants person....what's this humanoid tunic you speak of? i hope webshops are updated with the new collection soon, i love the lookbook.

leanne said...

I got the reiko in black. i don't think it fits as loose as it was designed to, but it still fits well and is such a lovely design. the humanoid tunic is actually from a previous season (return) and i couldn't pass on the the rasberry color. i did see some of the new line as it was delivered today. terrific long scarf and a couple of tunics i liked. some of the fabrics i wasn't crazy about. i'll take a better look tomorrow and give a full report. if you want to talk about lovely things - tsumori chimato. check out the paintbrush dress and blouse. the dress is absolutely perfect - it even has pockets!

mel said...

erica - thanks for your sizing suggestions. i can't wait for my mirabelle!

and i agree with leanne - tsumori chisato can be amazing. i love the dress she mentioned and i love her boutique in paris. walking in there is like walking into a crazy fantasy land, her designs are so out-of-this-world. i only wish she was easier to find here in the states.

erica said...

i really love the humanoid scarves this season, it'll be interesting to see what the rest of the collection is like.

that paintbrush pattern is gorgeous, i love the tights, the dress, the top, everything! sometimes tsumori chisato prints are too boisterous for me, although i would probably feel instantly cheerful if i could put on something like the lips frill skirt. i know it's 50% off, but i keep waiting for it to be further probably won't.

my mirabelle should come soon, maybe by the end of the week?

LivKate said...

I am thrilled to read that you were able to exchange the dress. Wow, seems like we all hit the Mayle sale this week. I bought the Romy bag and the short Zarate boot in black (the only item not on sale :( ) I love the mirabelle dress but do not think that there will be sufficient opportunities for me to wear it.

Moya said...

I am so pleased you got to exchange the dress, Erica. You will love Mirabelle. I actually wore it briefly on Tuesday night and it was so soft, comfortable and pretty. I perhaps should have got the 6 rather than the 8, but it isn't a dress that needs to fit exactly. I think it will be one of my favorite items.

I love the Mayle boots, LivKate. I wanted the longer ones but, as you say, they aren't reduced and I couldn't justify the cost.

LivKate said...

Hi Moya,
I think I just posted on your blog -- I am slowly figuring this blogger stuff out ;). Thank you -- I love the boots and they were an incredible indulgence. I saw Jane Mayle wearing them (in white) in the fall of 2005 while I was in her boutique and fell instantly in love. I am still trying to figure out how to best wear them. Also, I keep thinking about the Otto coat - it looks amazing on, so unexpected, but again I feel like I will rarely wear it. Do you have the Allegra blouse? I love it, but have never tried it on and am trying to track it down.

Danielle said...

One can never have too many Moicun dresses.

Leigh said...

Oh darn Erica,
I just got my medium mociun ikat tulip from Oogabooga and it is just too short for me. I'm also currently pregnant and I was hoping that perhaps my belly was causing the unnatural shortness...:) Well, final sale is final sale. Anyone interested? I'm just trying to get what i paid back...$150.
I can't believe you just have one week to go! Congrats!

erica said...

hey leigh,
that really stinks about the dress! i'm still waiting for my large, which might be too large. i think they're all pretty much the same length, regardless of the size...i love the dress, but i wish it were a few inches longer.

good luck selling the dress!