Thursday, July 30, 2009

last days of july

so the inlaws came and went. we visited many state parks. i wore my shabby summer outfit: really old and baggy cut-offs and button down short sleeved tops (Tina shirt from Steven Alan). saltwaters, incidentally, are great for clambering on rocks.

leon's hair is going crazy thanks to the humidity. i like his duckie pompadour.

i won a mix cd from jennifer of ermie. this is probably the best thing that could happen to me right now. i used to listen to music and go to concerts, but not so much in the past couple of years. it's nice to see a few old favorites along with new-to-me bands.

i'm also in love with this print. i can't wait to see what else jennifer is making for her fall collection.

park vogel is having a huge sale. thanks to a tip from nanashi, i ordered two pairs of the long leggings ($17.50 each) and have worn them nearly every day.


Chelsea said...

Leon is SUCH a cutie! thanks for the heads up about the leggings! I just bought two pair!

erica said...

i hope you like the leggings, chelsea! i ordered them in a 2, but a 1 would have worked, also. i love the fabric, so lightweight and not too clingy.

roberta jane said...

great tip on the leggings! how is the sizing??? Leon's hair is adorable like that!

erica said...

i'm a 6 usually, and the 2s are a tiny bit loose in the waist. they are super super long, but bunch up in a nice way around the ankles.

alyson. said...

oh my gosh, that hair!!! he's so cute Erica!

Joanna Goddard said...

LOVING the pompadour.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Erica for the sweet mention here on your blog. I'm so happy that the CD works & that you are enjoying it, and what I'm doing!
My blog had 3x the traffic today because of you!
As always, I appreciate your input.