Thursday, July 30, 2009

new jeans

i tried on a pair of current elliott boyfriend jeans this week and loved how they fit. i wasn't a huge fan of the ready-made holes, though. maybe this is because i usually wear raw or non-distressed denim. anyway, stephanie found these for me at need supply. with a 25% discount on sale items (HECKYEAH, via stylebite), they were only $120. there are only 26s left. i'm usually a 27 or 28. i tried on a 27 at barneys, so the 26s will fit a little tighter, but still baggy and loose.

i also adore how humanoid's fall 09 collection looks like you could comfortably nap in everything. the muted tones, greys and earthy browns and greens, with mustard and plum providing lovely pops of color. i'm ready for fall after this sticky mess of a summer!


Joanna Goddard said...

i'd never heard of need supply--thank you so much for the intro! xo

evencleveland said...

I'm dying over the Humanoid collection. Is it wrong that napability is a major selling point for fashion with me?

Unknown said...

I love the skirt on page 5 out of the lookbook online. why is is so hot now?

Hanna said...

I won a pair of the super destroyed (I think) skinny slouch ones recently. I LOVE them but unfortunately I thought I was sizing down but they are still a bit too big. My comfiest jeans, though.

erica said...

hanna, good to hear that you love your current elliotts. i'm hoping the 26s are perfect.

leanne, yes, much much too hot! i can't wear any of my nice things.

joanna, this is the first time i've ordered from them. lots of cute stuff, though!

stephanie, napability is key!

Unknown said...

good to hear that you found some jeans!! (i always have a difficult time)...and i love love love the humanoid collection...i must say, i love all of their collections...just cool all day long clothing...:))