Thursday, December 22, 2011

barneys sale

i just spent 30 minutes waiting in line at anthropologie in order to buy holiday cards (as always, i'm way behind), all the while wishing there were a barney's in toronto. 
bodkin kelvin sweater, $179 (marked down from $460) in x-small, small, and medium
boy by band of outsiders grey flannel blazer, $409 (marked down from $1030) in a 2. i would definitely get this if there were a 6 left.
isabel marant grunge jacket, $329 (marked down from $825) in a 2. oversized fit, but more structured.

i guess boxing day sales are a big deal, so i'll probably be at robber on monday. lots of last minute christmas shopping, and maybe a trip out to crate and barrel. matthew requested shortbread cookies, so i'm going to try my hand at these.


julia said...

i saw the sweater on barneys the other day. i wish they had it in the blue/grey combo that the cardigan is in! i like the yellow, but i don't know if i'd wear it all the time like the grey! sweaters, shoes - they will be my downfall.

i still haven't sent any cards! i want to! i guess i could send happy new year cards!

Amy said...

As a Toronto girl who would take Parkdale shopping over Yorkville 9 times out of 10, I definitely recommend going to Holt's on boxing day! I've gone first thing in the morning with my Mom for years, and always come away with some great finds- last year was a leather A.L.C. skirt and rag and bone pants. I also just got an email saying that Jonathan & Olivia just started their boxing day sale (?), so that could be good too.