Friday, December 16, 2011

rennes yard sale and back from nyc

photo from w magazine

after nearly 11 rainy hours on the road, i'm happy to be back home. oddly enough, i didn't do much shopping for myself while in nyc aside from muji socks, although i did fall in love with a new (to me) store, thomas sires, on elizabeth street. lots of eating and talking with good friends, which made it all worthwhile.

also, have you ever checked out julia (rennes)'s yard sale? she just added a bunch of very nice things including the isabel marant striped zita sweater. i LOVE mine, although i have to be honest, it's a bit delicate for my rough and tumble ways. at any rate, it looks great alone or paired with a button-down in the winter.


julia said...

hah! i was wondering where all the sudden traffic was coming from, lol.

gosh, y'all are back home already. the week flew by so quick! i hope you had a good rest of your trip!

evencleveland said...

It was so great to see you guys ... only wish we could have hung out more. Time goes too fast!

L.P. said...

Thanks for posting this link! Bookmarked it. :)

erica said...

oh if only i lived in nyc! book clubs and sample sales galore! looking forward to the summer and longer vacations. it was great seeing everyone!