Wednesday, December 28, 2011

day after christmas shopping

my dear upstairs neighbors decided to have a party at 2.30 am. after trying to go back to sleep for a few hours, i gave up and started ordering things from stella mccartney kids. it seems the only thing i can buy these days is kids clothing. i still can't make up my mind about a maternity-friendly winter coat or new boots, so i'm wearing a ratty patagonia fleece under a down coat that no longer fits around the middle and a pair of 13-year old uggs that look their age.

holt renfrews was a zoo on boxing day, and i couldn't deal with the crowds. i ended up buying a few pairs of oeuf alpaca leggings for baby and leon at kolkid on queen street west. i was desperate to go to gaspard, which looks beautiful, but it interfered with leon's lunch and nap. maybe this afternoon if i finish my syllabus and make a head start on a cover letter. it was so nice having 4 days off to loaf around, read 'persuasion' and 'a moveable feast,' and bake sugar cookies.

p.s. i'm in love with these punto pigro boots that stephanie posted at unruly things.why is it so hard to find slush-appropriate boots that are relatively nice-looking, light-weight with a flexible sole? the ice from last night's snowfall is making me anxious.

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Marga said...

Cute pants!