Monday, December 05, 2011

Creatures of Comfort private sale

25% off with "PRIVATESALEFW11" starting today. i *think* it works for pretty much everything, but i haven't tried the code for fear of temptation!

we're heading to nyc in less 6 days, so i'm saving my pennies just in case i can't resist ABC Home and Carpet.


christine said...

Thanks Erica for the tip!

I just wanted to pass along information about a $150 Perricone MD skincare giveaway to you and your readers on my blog. It's an amazing opportunity to get something luxurious this holiday season! (It could also make for a nice present for a friend or family member - *wink*)

I hope you'll get a chance to enter because mama needs some self-care.

breathe design

Jocy said...

Thanks. Will check it out.

Mona said...

Quoddy on supersale on net a porter