Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Work in Progress: Bedroom / Playroom / Storage Room

The boys' room is one of our trickiest spaces. Both bedrooms are equal in size, but this one has the apartment's only closet. It's also a tricky space because our sleeping arrangement is...complicated. For those of you who've followed our sleep trials with Leon, things are both better and mostly the same. Elias stays in the crib until around 4am, at which point he sleeps in a bed with me. We either sleep on the twin bed in his room, or we switch to the other bedroom, where Leon sleeps on a full bed.

This room is also a primary play space, although the living room is unsurprisingly more popular. But we store most of the toys here. I finally bought a toy bench from Ikea, and it has been a godsend. I call it the black hole because it holds so much including oversized items.

Finally, the room is our storage area. We added two new shelving units for stuff that belongs in a closet: linens, tools, bicycle stuff, important files, and overflow clothing. As you can see, a stroller, bike pump, and vacuum, are often shoved in the corner as well. The closet holds even more unsightly stuff as well as winter coats.

Soon we're going to get a full bed for this room because Leon, Elias, and I will sleep here while my mom takes over the other room. I've spent hours playing with the layout, which Matthew drew up in Rhino.

These are the projects I need to tackle:
  • Storage boxes need to be more uniform or complementary with the rest of the space
  • The dresser was a Craigslist bargain. I can't stand the color, so we'll either repaint or buy something else
  • A different curtain, shorter in length, or a roller blind
  • Too much blue! I swear it wasn't intentional.
  • I don't like the Poang, but it's great for getting Elias to fall asleep. I would love to replace it with a more attractive high-backed armchair.

If only! Dwell Studio Hans Chair (leather or fabric)
How have you dealt with multi-functional rooms? Do you try to keep the zones separate, or do you focus on a unifying or harmonizing scheme?


lc said...

Apologies at the outset: I don't want your blog to turn into a mommy blog, but I have to ask how you got to this sleeping arrangement. I'm finding myself falling into a similar pattern with my 15-month-old (only, at 11 PM instead of 4 AM), and I'm terrified it will become a lasting pattern that will be tough to kick. At the same time, I really can't bring myself to try CIO. Any thoughts?

grey-nyc said...

i live in nyc where my space is small, so i usually try to unify everything as much as possible. what are your thoughts on painting the walls white? i feel like it always brightens and opens up a space. i agree that uniform containers would help so then maybe white shelves/bins so that it all blends in? the existing blues (plus new blue curtain) could be the color accent.

Mona said...

I use llbean medium totes in the living room for toys.
It is neutral and to an eyesore to me
The kids bedroom, playroom: I used all white furniture with : potterybarn cube storage in shelves in the kid room. The real trick is to donate donate donate toys and keep less out. I use freecycle and mom list to donate. That takes effort but helps a lot.

erica said...

lc, I feel for you! Leon didn't sleep through the night til 2.5. Sometimes elias sleeps through til 5, usually he cries at 1 or 3. Our main issue is night nursing, but I don't have the energy to wean right now.

Greynyc, I would love to paint the walls white, but I don't know how long we'll stay. Matthew wants nothing to do with it, so it would be on me. He also likes the color, I don't.

Mona, llbean totes are the best, I might add one for the entryway as well. I cull the toys once a month, but boy what a sisyphean task! We accumulated so much party loot this year, and those toys are so junky yet so beloved!

lc said...

Thanks for the empathy!

As for the room, how about getting a basic white rug/floor covering to give the illusion of cohesion or for visual tidiness? Do your boys play on that traffic mat? If they do, maybe treat it as a toy and roll it up and store under the bed when it's not actively in use?

How about stacked Expedits (one on top of the other) with storage baskets in each cubbyhole? Definitely use as much vertical space as you can.

A small solution would be getting a storage ottoman that matches the Poang. But that's more of a stopgap measure.

Lastly, this seems a little stuffy, but what about an armoire? Hiding all that stuff behind doors could help greatly, especially with all the open shelving/storage you currently have. I'm sure you could find one that isn't terrible on Craigslist or at a thrift store. And then paint it white!

Unfortunately all of my solutions amount to buying more stuff to look like you have less stuff, ha.

erica said...

That's a great idea to role up the play mats after play.

I know what you mean about buying more stuff to keep everything contained and tidy looking. If I can find an armoire that fits in that corner, I may go for it.

joyce said...

I rather like the color of dresser! It's playful. Perhaps new knobs would help if you're tired of it. Urban Outfitters and Anthro usually have a good selection. I like the look of that Ikea toybox. Mentally filed away.