Monday, July 21, 2014

Work in Progress: More thoughts on the entryway

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I like the idea of the locker or cubby entryway, but I'd also like to keep this area as open as possible. The locker aesthetic seems to skew either "school" or "cottage," which is fine, but my larger concern is unifying the entryway with the living room.

Living in a cold climate, we need the entryway to function as a mudroom and repository for bulky winter clothing as well as the usual school and household related stuff. I like the addition of the metal mailboxes in the third image, as well as the little table with a drawer and open bin for junk mail.

Although it would be a pain to drill all those holes, I also think it would be good to have painted knobs at different heights for the boys. Last winter their outerwear bin was out of control, and often jackets and mittens would be left on the floor. Let's hope we can adopt better habits this time around.


B. said...

We have one of those 4x4 IKEA cubby shelves (the cube ones--they just released a new version, not sure of the name) with labelled canvas cube boxes in it, and labelled baskets on top, plus more hooks and a coat closet and it's still crazy--I need to add paper storage for the start of Kindergarten for my oldest and preschool for my youngest. We have four backpacks in play, plus three-season weather at all times of the year, so we have windbreakers, parkas, and rain gear happening at all times during the fall/winter/spring. Sigh. I'm going for organized chaos, and I've absolutely sacrificed a degree of style for sanity and straightforwardness.

Good luck to you--I love following your planning process.

erica said...

That's a lot to deal with, B!

If you had the space for it, the Hemnes sofa table might work for your situation. You can use smaller shelf for paper, the bottom cubby for shoes, and the space underneath for extra shoes if necessary. Wire baskets on top could fit bags, and then hooks for all of your coats.

3-season weather is also tough. I've been thinking of getting a really tall and narrow basket like those Senegalese hampers at Mille for overflow jackets.

Sarge in Charge said...

I know you SAID open... but I wonder if a couple of IKEA wardrobes (maybe a configuration of PAX that makes sense for your needs) would bring some calm to the space. For me, no matter how nicely arranged my bins and hooks are, it still feels cluttered. I just need it put away! So I propose: wardrobes lining the entry wall (where the bench is in the second pic) and then a small chair where that table with the bowl is, just to put on shoes, etc. Cubbies, baskets, hooks, etc. can still be utilized inside the wardrobe, and you could put a few baskets on top of the wardrobes just to stash stuff as you run in and out.

Sarge in Charge said...

Oops, I was looking at the previous post while commenting on this one- so I was referring to THAT second pic. I also like this new yellow PAX they have, but one of the mirrored ones would be nice so that you can check yourself as you walk out the door:

Rug wise, I think an indoor/outdoor one is the way to go, or maybe a thick rag rug that can be washed. Ballard Designs seems to have a lot of indoor/outdoors ones and it looks like they ship to Canada (and claim no high international shipping fees although I am not sure what is normal). Dash and Albert has tons of indoor/ outdoors but they are more expensive. Keep us posted on what you decide to do!

erica said...

hmmmm, wardrobes in the entry way? Putting a chair where the little table is could work.

Is it surprising that doing this exercise has led me to feverishly search for larger apartments? The reality of the situation is starting to sink in!

Sarge in Charge said...

Yeah :) like a built in closet or built in cabinets. Throw everything in there, close the doors, and forget about it!

I feel you on the less than ideal apartments. Ours has got plenty of space but has had a series of bug infestations (multiple species) and leaks (multiple sources). Nothing is more unsettling and infuriating than an apartment that isn't working for your needs!

erica said...

Oh god, bug infestations and leaks, shudder. Our last place in Toronto had baby mice and millions of ants. No leaks, but random holes and cracks in the wall that were always shedding plaster dust.

I'm definitely looking into an armoire this weekend....We would need a narrow one so there's still room for a boot tray, umbrellas, and a catch-all basket.