Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Dress

In anticipation of dress and tights weather, I am posting many of my winter-appropriate dresses.

Tocca dress, purchased Nov. 2004. I really don't wear this very often, but it's made of the softest wool and has this lovely gold metallic-thread circle embellishment on the waist and mock-turtleneck collar. I keep meaning to have it altered since it is a size 8 and was the last available.

Prada dress, purchased February 2006. I love the variations on purple in this dress and the empire waist. It also makes me look much narrower than I am, which is an interesting to experience. Although I prefer cinching the waist and exaggerating the proportions with a flared skirt, there's something to be said about a sleek look. Oh, and I had to stitch the neck opening closed because it was slit nearly down to the waistline. I figured that I needed to make the dress work-appropriate at any rate.

Yigal Azrouel dress, purchased July 2005. This was my first black dress. It is slinky jersey with a plunging cowl-neck and a gathered tulle-band around the waist. The sleeves are semi-dolman, with ruching on the shoulders. In going with my comments about the Prada, this is another dress that makes me feel like I have a completely different body. The bias cut makes me hyper-aware of every movement. But I like that it has this 1940s silhouette, especially since I usually go for the 50s or 60s look. This dress makes me feel grown-up and chic, which may explain why I can never think of an occasion for wearing it.

Built by Wendy dress, purchased November 2005. Wool jersey U-neck dress with puff sleeves and a flared skirt. Notice the fantastic electric-blue metallic thread pattern on the neckline. Yeah, those are the Great Lakes. I used to love Built by Wendy, but nowadays not so impressed. Too bad cat hair clings to the fabric.

Tocca dress--$300 from Saks Fifth Avenue, Boston
Prada dress--$300 from Easter Wings on Newbury St., on sale from $800
Yigal Azrouel dress--$180 from Saks, marked down from $900 (present from mom)
Built by Wendy dress--$180 from the website


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