Sunday, November 26, 2006

new ring

Frank Gehry for Tiffany & Co. Brushed sterling silver, size 7 (you really do have to size up for these wider rings, that finger measures 6)

So I just happened to be in the Tiffany's at the Copley Mall a month ago and was wandering around chatting with the salespeople and admiring the remodeling job, which had doubled the floor space. I ended up trying on a bunch of different diamond rings. The Lucida was a bit of a disappointment size-wise, although the x-prong is really lovely and they nailed the proportions. But anyway, I tried on a ring (the diamond cut is called "Lucida" but is like a modified princess-cut), and thought it was around .75 carats. Wrong. It was actually 1.05 cts. I guess I'm so used to sizing differences in round brilliants and these square cuts are a completely different matter. I also tried on their antique cut solitaire, which was altogether too froo-froo for me, but I guess some people like that histrionic Edwardian stuff. All I can think about is "Titanic" and those heaving bosoms. Yikes. Anyway, I completely fell in love with their three-stone Lucida, which as side bezel-set diamonds, which I think really makes the ring. But, as we all know, Tiffany's is ridiculously overpriced and one could easily pirate the design and have it made elsewhere. Imitation as flattery or what? There are only so many possibilities in ring design, unless one ventures into bizarre territory, and I'm fairly content with mine in terms of style. But if I ever went for the three-stone thing (For your Past, Present, and Future, crappity-crap), I'd want something in the spirit of the Lucida, but maybe even more streamlined.

By the way, if you're in the market for diamonds, check out I've spent too many hours on this site, learning about diamonds that I'll never be able to afford, and pondering the meanings behind this industry. I'm a convert, to be sure, but skeptical because I'm so poor.

Lucida three-stone ring--$40,000
Gehry ring--$240

To hide my shame because people like me shouldn't be trying on rings at places like Tiffany's, I bought the cheaper option. I'm much too easily swayed by stores like these, where the salespeople are extra-friendly and the selling happens without them lifting a finger.

Maybe in 30 years when I'm finally earning $80,000, I'll buy something nicer for myself. Until then, sterling silver designed by an architect is not too shabby.

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