Sunday, November 12, 2006


Maria Cornejo's online store is up and running. I can't say enough how brilliant I think her designs are. I became obsessed last fall and bought a silk velvet bubble skirt even though many of my friends hate the bubble silhouette. I also bought two pieces from her spring 06 collection, both linen/cotton, a black dress and a v-neck tank that i like to wear as a vest. All her pieces are so well-made and thoughtful, with interesting textures and stitching. Here are my picks for this season:

Tilda dress, silk, $973. If I could do the whole wedding thing again, this is what I would wear. With flats, or sandals. And then I could wear it out rather than stuff it into an archival box under the couch.

Oona dress, silk charmeuse, $442. Maria Cornejo turns her silk matte-side out, so that lovely silky side is next to your skin. Mmm.

Scoop bubble dress, viscose jersey, $325. Bubble skirts, bubble tops, bubble dresses, she does them all and all so well.

Tea Sweater, cashmere, $534

Alpaca and wool parka, $988. Daryl K does cocoon coats on a regular basis, too, but I think Maria does them better. Her entire aesthetic is less punky, more refined.

Funnel Neck Jacket, $955. Wear this with a pencil skirt and channel Blade Runner.

Cossack coat, $1005. I'm iffy on the big buttons, but otherwise, "Molodetz"

Don't be daunted by the prices. Twice a year everything goes on sale about 30-50% off. If you can't make it to either her Nolita or Greenwich Village shop, check her online version, especially sometime around March and July.


Katie said...

Hi Erica,

I don't know if you'll ever see this comment but I just found your website, was browsing through the archives and was also thinking that we have similar tastes.

Then, when I saw my wedding dress at the top of this post, I knew it was true! I wore the Tilda dress to my wedding! My fiance's inital apprehension made me a little unsure at first but then I simply remembered to listen to myself and it was a hit. One of the few fashion homeruns I've ever made. I'll send you a photo if you're interested...

Your site is great. I've enjoyed it fully for the last twenty minutes...


erica said...

Hi Katie

I'm so glad that you wore the Tilda dress to your wedding. You're my hero! I'd love to see photos if you have the time (

Thanks for looking at my blog! I'm always glad to find people with similar tastes in clothing. I also find everyone else's spin on things to be so inspiring.